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Friday, 19 September 2014

What the look #1

Anyone of you who has been following my creature since its opening about three years ago knows it very well: this is not a fashion blog.

Therefor and for a series of reasons, I wouldn't define myself as a fashion blogger.
One of the biggest reasons for that is because the biggest goal I have in my life and which i have been pursuing since i've learnt how to read is to become an actual journalist.
Another and much more practical reason is that this blog of mine lacks some of the key elements that define a fashion blog in the first place…
one of these being outfit photographs.

In fact, I've never published an image of me wearing my clothes (lol) neither/nor recommending them to my followers, neither I have ever written down what I was wearing for what...

But today, in honor of the insane (not kidding) amount of time I've spent thinking of an outfit that would have represented my style to wear on the first day of fashion week and happening to have a pretty damn good photographer snapping me at the end of the first day of it, I thought why not and I decided to brake one of my very personal rules and publish my very first outfit photographs.

Must say, all these thoughts and doubts about what to wear at fashion week were already gone by the time day two approached as I was simply to busy to worry about what i was wearing and I relied one more time on some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe that usually make me feel alright cool and comfortable at the same time.

Being this all very new to me I am going to ask you to take it in the less serious way possible and also to give me a very honest opinion, if you feel like, about it.
I promise, is not going to become a tradition and we will soon be back talking about much more fabulous people wearing much more fabulous clothes.

Holla to this experiment everyone!
Stay tune for more updates…

Onesie: ZARA
Boots: ZARA
Gloves: Leather shop in Camden Town, London
Hat: Vintage
Bag: Brick Lane Market, London
Sunnies: Brick Lane Market, London 

Photography by German Zubiaur Sellares


  1. I LOVE THESE PICS CARLOTTA! you look beautiful!!

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