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Friday, 19 September 2014

Street style at LFW (ss15) #3

One of my favourite things of thins fashion week apart from attending some pretty amazing shows and having a chance to meet the creative minds behind the new collections by going around the showrooms was, as usual, spotting steer style trends and ideas.

Sometimes the court yard gets so busy tough that you struggle to really see all of the different and creative ways in which these people, more or less involved with the fashion industry, express themselves.
That's why this fashion week I was so glad to have the support of a few great photographers, who followed me and helped me in the search for the most interesting looks  and most tragical (not necessary in a negative way…) fashion choices.

One of them, whose photographs of me I've already posted here, was Ylenia Margareci.
Young, Italian, energetic, she used to work in the film industry as a producer before deciding to move to London and get involved with photography, which was a very happy decision as she is definitely good at it, especially when it comes to go out there and snap as fast as you can.

She is definitely not scared of trying new angles, lying in the ground to catch the best image and getting close, very close, to the subject if necessary.
Welcome my new favorite street photographer everyone!
I am sure you'll read her name here again soon…

Cherry on top of an amazing last day of fashion week: Meeting Sarah from Framboise Fashion eating pop corns and laughing while sitting around!
(Check out her beautiful blog here)

Stay tuned!

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