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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Once upon a time in shoe land...

Good morning everyone,

and of course: happy fashion week!
Here we go again, for a few days London is going to be dressed to impress and passing by Somerset House you'd feel the bubbling noise of a boiling pot of ideas and potential, 
both artistically speaking and business wise…

It's LFW everyone!
Today, before to start its third day, I'd like to share with you all some thoughts on the first two of this fair of excitement.

Fashion Week has kicked off in the best possible way: under the sun.
In fact, on Friday the 12th, everyone running around the city to attend shows, presentations and parties, or just to hang out at Somerset House to take photographs, be taken photographs, inspire and get inspired had to at least take off their jackets.
The warmth caught everyone pleasantly surprised and allowed the most photographed bloggers and fashionistas to go home without the usual post-fw-cold after wearing various kinds of variously flashy garments.
The sun also gave the photographers loads of lovely angles, especially toward the evening when the light of the sunset made everything absolutely gorgeous, even more than it would have been under a cloudy London-style sky.

I must say, apart from the lovely warm and happy sensation that the sun gave me, the first day of fashion week left me with a weird feeling.
I actually felt like there was still something missing to the excitement of the past fashion week, almost as if everyone still needed to warm up, get into it and get excited…
The looks you'd see around Somerset House reflected this in a way: there were of course a few crazy and colourful and creative statement looks that are the signature of LFW as the corkiest among all…

…but not too crazy neither too brave I must say.
SOS wow moments!
I've been going in circle for most of the day, waiting for the shows I had to attend to start and just looking for inspiration.
Apart from the amazing and highly photographed entrance of Chloe Norgaard wearing a pretty incredible shimmering coat made of plasticky (was it plastic?!) stripes which jingled around and made a lovely noise, it actually didn't happen.
There was just one thing that really caught my attention and that made all my walking around worth.

That something were the shoes.
LFW is famous for the particularity of its shoes and since a few years many bloggers and street style photographers from The Sartorialist to Rami Hanna have been portraying these sculptural triumphs, leaving us wondering how could you even stand on them, not to mention walk with them…

Yes despite the whole atmosphere being a bit sloppy on the first day of fashion week, shoes didn't let me down.
Something interesting I've noticed in comparison with the last fashion week is that if earlier this year the  flat trend took over completely, causing the almost entire disappearing of high heels and providing loads of shuffling individuals around London, 
this time around it seems like a nice balance was found.

Key word: variety, 
as there were both very, very, high heels, wages, but also flip flops and flat boyish parisiennes (my personal favourites).
There's still a bit of a tale regarding this summer's super discussed Birkenstock flat mania, now reinterpreted into sandals (thank God no one dared making high heels out of them.. phew!), but I have a feeling hey will soon disappear and be remembered in fashion history books as a temporary and dubious phenomenon.
It's not the first time it happened and it's certainly not going to be the last one…

Right now I am off to a few presentations and I am really looking forward for a couple of very interesting shows I'll attend between tomorrow and Tuesday, which will hopefully raise up my mood again and finally get me in the zone with new ideas and a few surprises.

For the moment, enjoy this series with the most interesting shoes that walked down Somerset House on day one and two of this fashion week.
Hopefully, you'll find your personal wow moment and inspiring pair among them…

Have a lovely day everyone!

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