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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

From the green to the smoke...

Hello everyone!!

I know I know, another long silence during which I've left all the readers of my beloved blog wondering where (the hell) I've been and what (the hell) I've been doing.

Well, now it's time to uncover all the cards and reveal you the biggest surprise I've surprisingly be able to keep for myself until now!
In fact, I no longer live in Dublin…
Despite that made me suffer very much, since the beginning of my last year of college I knew that at the end of it I would have needed a change.
Plus, despite having fell in love with Dublin which became my home and which will always be a pace where I'll be looking forward to go back to,
it's still me here and the ones of you who have been following the blog know how I just cannot stay in the same place for a long time…

So here I am: in London! :) 
I moved here at the beginning of June as I got a period of work experience in Drapers, a wonderful magazine where I sat alongside the Features and Special Reports editor contributing to some of the features published.

 James, my boss, and the whole team made me feel so welcomed that i wish I could just go there everyday, despite the internship being over already (but that's another story…).

What I haven't told you is that I had been here earlier in May with dad house hunting as after getting the internship I realised that time just got extremely tight!
After two pretty traumatising day being brought around looking at horrendous studio apartments and being shout from my dad that "I was never going to live in such a place but most of all he was surely not going to pay for it…" we were lucky enough to find a place that satisfied him and myself of course and that is now my very own studio apartment!

The area is lovely, just two minutes away from the tube and 10 minutes walk from one of my favourite places in London: Notting Hill, where  just go around browsing and thinking every time I can.

Also, Kensington gardens is literally two minutes away, which comes pretty handy considering that I moved here in the summer and that there's nothing as gorgeous and refreshing that a huge park in London…

I must say: 
I miss my friends in Dublin so much, especially the person I've been living with for the past none months, with whom I've spent endless nights chatting in the kitchen until we got to the point where we didn't even want to look at the watch anymore knowing that we both has class in the morning. My girl, my smoke buddy (still need to find one here!) and my very very good friend Matea, who thank God has already booked a flight to come and visit me in the big smoke.

Despite that: life here has been so good so far that I am almost shocked.
First of all, the internship brought me a new friend, another amazing woman that caught my attention since the very first moment.
You know the kind of person that has that sort of aura around her? 
And she is lovely as well…
Plus, she is a Londoner and that is something I am definitely going to remember the next time I get lost in central and I end up wondering around Soho for about one hour before to find Oxford Street (no comment…).

On the day of my birthday, drinks were poured and roses were sent along with some lovely cards.
When all the wishes came from my friends all over the world, for the first time thinking of all those people I love and are far away didn't make me smile: it made me cry, a lot, while drinking my coffee at breakfast and that's why I really appreciated the presence of some amazing people on that day, among whom a bit of Irishness brought by one of my friend who comes from the little green island.

Another highlight of my staying has definitely been the fact that my neighbours, the people I live in the same house with are so, so nice.
And then, there's that little crazy person I've found in the basement (just kidding, she actually lives in the ground floor…) that provided extra fun, extra laugh, extra girls talk, even extra food shopping! All things that are absolutely essential in my life and even if she maybe doesn't know that (yet…) make me consider whoever I happen to do all of them very special!

So here I am, 
new city, new life, new job hopefully even if the hunting has been pretty messy so far being caught together with the settling down and the internship…
Of course I will keep you posted on all the news.

Before to come here I felt pretty calm and confident knowing that I would have already known my way around. 
But now, after just a couple of weeks living in London, I feel like this city is a whole new universe and that I am not going to be able to state that I know it for a very long time. 
There's much to scratch under the surface and that's going to be my mission from now on, in order to really connect with this place, or at least try.
Who knows, this could maybe end up being my place…

Of course, you'll be very well informed on any further discovery!
Right now I wan to leave you with this: a beautiful sunset on the Serpentine lake of Hyde Park.

Stay tuned!

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