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Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Dear my dearest ones,

I apologise officially for my very, very long absence, probably the longest one since I started keeping my baby blog!
Of course, some serious reasons were needed to keep me away from here.
I'm going to give you a little sum up of those: final assignments before graduation, work, a trip to Italy, work, exams, a trip to London, house hunting, job hunting, packing.

Sounds like a mess? 
Well, that's how the last couple of months have been looking like: something new coming up every day, loads of things to coordinate together and a huge change coming up which didn't help keeping the mood down.
But now, before beginning to chat with you about the news and about what's going to happen in the close future, I must begin to update you with few things I've been doing and I want to share with you.

First of all: my second video documentary.
When I decided to take Video Production II as an elective, I did it as I remembered how much I enjoyed working with Alex on my first documentary last year.
It was absolutely lovely, fun and it provided great satisfaction in form of a first and a very good friend.
So this year I thought: of course I'll do it!

And I also decided to follow my interest for dance movies one more time, representing a completely different kind of dance from the ballet/contemporary that I had been shooting with Alex.
This time, I decided to dig into the world of Street Dance.
I was very lucky, as while on my way to Starbucks on a sunny day in Dublin I spot this crew of amazing street dancers performing in Grafton Street.
Their show was everything I was looking for: fun, original and revealing of some pretty amazing skills.

I decided to speak with them, and they agreed to be shot for my documentary.
Well, most of the at least.
Kid of agreed.
Firstly agreed, then changed their mind, then agreed again, complained, agreed, disagreed, didn't want to, didn't like it…
Yes, you are guessing right: it was nothing like working with Alex this time and I haven't found a bunch of new friends I am going to go to the theatre with and cry in front of the stage while singing musical songs…

But I must say: I am very happy of my choice of shooting the Dublin City B-Boys.
They are some amazing dancers and they actually truly believe in what they do.
Dance is for many of them a reason of living, they breathe it, feed it and live it day by day, shaping their bodies and their minds in order to stand the effort of repeating the same show five, ten, fifteen times in one day, non stop.
As they would probably say: it's the power of chicken.
I don't actually know how they do it, and that feeling of amusement is exactly what I wanted to communicate to the viewers.

I wanted my audience to look at the video and think: "how?!", but at the same time, empathise with them and feel their passion through the images.
Because even tho for them street dance is an actual job, what they do the most is having fun with it.

I hope to have achieved my goal and that you'll enjoy this!
Ladies and gentlemen, B-Breakers.

Watch it HERE.

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