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Saturday, 31 May 2014

One & The Same

Here I am again!

Still stuck at my little desk (see previous post), trying to make this afternoon as productive as possible by updating my baby blog.
I am actually very happy having enough time to do this properly, something I haven't done in way too long.

That's what I've learnt during the past few months: life has phases.
You might be doing something all the time for a certain amount of weeks, months, maybe even years, that thing might be what pulls you through the days and stress your routine but then, all of a sudden, something else might become more important and you may start doing something completely different.

We are not only talking about a change of project, job, task…
We are talking about serious life changes.
It's crazy then to realize how easily we switch it, abandoning something that was so important until the day before and embracing something else which becomes our priority.
Priorities, that's what's all about, and not only the ones we are being given but much more the ones we give to ourselves.

Anyways, no matter how many different things we might be likely to try and embrace (I personally think that that's a very good way of living fully, or at least having the feeling you are living fully…), there's some things that remain of great importance for us.
My blog, this platform that I've been updating now for three years and which went through phases just as my own life did, it's something that strangely remained of great importance for me and that's why I always find a great pleasure in having a bit of extra time to actually sit down and write down my feelings along with showing my readers what I do and what I happen to love.

Today, I want to share with you something you might have already heard of: I hope so!
It's music video.
The band it was shot for is called Red Queen Contest and they just launched their last single.
The song is One & The Same and I still find it pretty catchy despite having listened to it for about 10.000 times at the minute.
The reason why I've listened to it so much, apart from the fact that I happen to really like it, is because I was present on the day when the video was shot.
In fact, my lovely friends and very talented dancers Alex Lemoss and Caitriona Brocklebank , who I've been working (and having fun) with many times before, as my most attentive readers might remember, got engaged to produce a choreography for the song and dance it for the video, shot by Irish Video Maker Aidan Farrelly.

When they told me about it, I immediately wanted to take part to the rehearsal.
Alex, along with Caitirona's help and teaching skills, put together an amazing choreography in the space of a week and I fell in love with it so badly that I expressed the desire of going there with them on the day of the shooting for the video in order to take some photographs and just watch them dancing, something I've always enjoyed doing so much.

So that was it: on a very dull and extremely cold morning of March in Dublin, we got into Caitriona's car and we drove until outside the city: destination a very hidden dance studio, which couldn't in fact be more hidden as it was inside of a farm…
The day went along with them dancing for the camera non stop and me taking pictures of them and of Aidan shooting them non stop.
The photographs made me so happy that I ended up exposing them at my Final Show in college (no worries, updates coming up on that…).

But right now, let's all have a look at the video and listen to the song!
I'm pretty sure many of you are going to have it among your favorites on YouTube… ;)

More updates coming!
Stay tuned,

Rome's First King

Hello everyone!

Here I am, sitting at a small desk in the venue of our Final Show in Griffith College while the sun outside it's shining and the temperature got so warm that can afford wearing a little dress with no tights and still be perfectly fine.

Some of yous might have no idea what I am talking about: Final Show? venue?
Sun in Dublin?
Well, by telling you that I actually anticipated a topic I am going to deal with in another post, just to give myself a chance to complain about the fact that I am stuck inside when all I'd like to do would be going around town and enjoying myself and my last days in Dublin.

Oops! Another anticipation!
I should hold myself much more than I am doing: there's too many news I really don't want to spoil to you.
So let's go back to sunny Dublin, almost surreal!
Tu be completely honest, I am not fully entitled to complain as going around, sipping coffee in a terrace on Grafton Street and checking out shops is all I have been doing for the past three days.
With a very significant plus value as well: my lovely friend Nico who arrived from Paris last Thursday to spend the week end in Dublin, where he himself used to study a couple of years ago.

It has been amazing to have him here again, and to see him as the last time we met was when I visited him in France last September.
At that time, he was still based in Bordeaux and we travelled together until Biarritz where I went to attend Pauline's graduation, as my dearest followers may remember.

Anyways, as summer is not officially approaching and college is officially finishing, I really want to take all the past experiences from the last couple of months and put them here in my beloved creature as a way to write down and store that part of my life that is not coming to an end.
For example, what i would like to show you today is another project that I had to do for one of my last assignments in the course of Visual Media in Griffith College.

Starting from the very beginning: when the lecturers introduced all the electives to us third year students back in September, I just thought that there were too many of them to choose.
That's why I decided to avoid the dissertation and pick as many of them as I could fit in my schedule (sleepless nights included), in order to achieve the most possible skills.
That brought me to pick as an extra elective the module of Multimedia Storytelling, where we learnt how to make simple digital animations using Abode Flash.

Sounds cool?
That's definitely what I thought when I decided to take this module, plus being charmed from the idea of learning a new task and how to use a new program.
Sounds fun?
It was, when learning the basics and then playing the animation at the end of three very long hours of class and being so proud of your little man waving hello on the screen.
Sounds easy?
It surely wasn't! That was exactly what I hadn't considered about using Flash and producing an animation.

In fact, there's so many different things to coordinate and so many different proceedings to be taken care of while doing it that you sometimes forget about your initial idea because too busy attending the necessary steps to do one thing out of a thousand.

Two simple words: time consuming.
Biggest struggle?
Biggest critique to the program?
Yes, I thought I would have been able to easily complete my animation after finishing to edit my documentary for the Video Production module but these two weeks I had left before the deadline just weren't enough.
I mean, I managed to finish of course, and in the end I was actually pretty happy with the result, but I am telling you: if it usually feels pretty cosy being in my bed at night holding the laptop and editing photos, videos, writing on my blog, after 10 hours of editing during the day, the idea of going on after a certain hour of the day made me sick.
But I had to.
So I did.
And that's probably the reason why I highly doubt I will do it again in a long time.

I am very happy to have taken on this extra challenge and to actually manage to finish it up properly, but it was one of the assignments I've struggled the most with over the course of my entire carrier.
Digital animation is, in my opinion, a mixture of very good artistic skills (everything is always going to look better if you draw it instead of using vector images, that's why I produced all the drawings for my own animation myself), but also some serious computing skills.
Flash is not only made out of tools and presets: it has proper codes to learn and use in order to make the program do something.
I mean: that's almost computer science for what I know!
And I am still blond (again…) so that was for me just very difficult.

Another very important skill involved in this module in particular: originality.
Being it Multimedia Storytelling, the most important thing was probably choose and interesting story and tell it in a particular way in order to catch the viewer's eye first of all because of the subject.
I decided to go with an historical topic, but also a bit mythological: the legend of the foundation of Roma, the capital of my beautiful birth country.

Here it is, my animation, ready for you to be criticised and judged.
Please, be nice this time, if you look closer you can still spot some drops of my sweat on it…


And if I got you curious enough to wonder what the new updates are going to be don't forget:
stay tuned!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

One day with FASHION SHED

Here we are with another little update about something I did a couple of months ago.
In fact, back in March I had the chance to work as a stylist for the very first shooting of Fashion Shed Int., upcoming brand whose lovely website you can check out here.

The shooting took place in Dublin and thanks to a great team of make up artists and hair stylist from Nigeria, out lovely models Dina and Chelsea were dolled up to excellence for the occasion.

Working with Fashion Shed's design was a lot of fun: the freshness of the colors, the fun of the prints and the different textures mashed up together made styling the looks for the shooting a nice challenge which I loved taking on.

You'll see the official pictures in the website, but I also hope you'll enjoy the backstage video I shot on the day, linked HERE directly from my Vimeo channel!

More updates coming up, stay tuned!


Dear my dearest ones,

I apologise officially for my very, very long absence, probably the longest one since I started keeping my baby blog!
Of course, some serious reasons were needed to keep me away from here.
I'm going to give you a little sum up of those: final assignments before graduation, work, a trip to Italy, work, exams, a trip to London, house hunting, job hunting, packing.

Sounds like a mess? 
Well, that's how the last couple of months have been looking like: something new coming up every day, loads of things to coordinate together and a huge change coming up which didn't help keeping the mood down.
But now, before beginning to chat with you about the news and about what's going to happen in the close future, I must begin to update you with few things I've been doing and I want to share with you.

First of all: my second video documentary.
When I decided to take Video Production II as an elective, I did it as I remembered how much I enjoyed working with Alex on my first documentary last year.
It was absolutely lovely, fun and it provided great satisfaction in form of a first and a very good friend.
So this year I thought: of course I'll do it!

And I also decided to follow my interest for dance movies one more time, representing a completely different kind of dance from the ballet/contemporary that I had been shooting with Alex.
This time, I decided to dig into the world of Street Dance.
I was very lucky, as while on my way to Starbucks on a sunny day in Dublin I spot this crew of amazing street dancers performing in Grafton Street.
Their show was everything I was looking for: fun, original and revealing of some pretty amazing skills.

I decided to speak with them, and they agreed to be shot for my documentary.
Well, most of the at least.
Kid of agreed.
Firstly agreed, then changed their mind, then agreed again, complained, agreed, disagreed, didn't want to, didn't like it…
Yes, you are guessing right: it was nothing like working with Alex this time and I haven't found a bunch of new friends I am going to go to the theatre with and cry in front of the stage while singing musical songs…

But I must say: I am very happy of my choice of shooting the Dublin City B-Boys.
They are some amazing dancers and they actually truly believe in what they do.
Dance is for many of them a reason of living, they breathe it, feed it and live it day by day, shaping their bodies and their minds in order to stand the effort of repeating the same show five, ten, fifteen times in one day, non stop.
As they would probably say: it's the power of chicken.
I don't actually know how they do it, and that feeling of amusement is exactly what I wanted to communicate to the viewers.

I wanted my audience to look at the video and think: "how?!", but at the same time, empathise with them and feel their passion through the images.
Because even tho for them street dance is an actual job, what they do the most is having fun with it.

I hope to have achieved my goal and that you'll enjoy this!
Ladies and gentlemen, B-Breakers.

Watch it HERE.