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Sunday, 6 April 2014

My New Little Obsession...

I am sure that many of you won't be surprise reading this post.
Some of you might even give me a major eye roll or think that I might have lost it about what would be interesting to post on my beloved blog, not because what I am sharing with you right now is not interesting but just because it's being heard a lot around Dublin at the moment.

As everyone knows, Dublin is the city of music.
Here, music is everywhere at any time of the day and night: in the theatres and venues you can access for a ridiculous price and attend amazing eye opening concerts and performances, 
in the pubs when you drink your pint or simply meet your friends for a drink after work,
but most of all, the beating heart of Dublin's musical culture is the street.

In fact, especially in the main streets but pretty much everywhere, buskers who bring this word to a whole new level being incredible artists, play and display and catch our attention while we pass by.
You might not stop to listen to the kids who are impressing a duet and beginning their busking carrier, you might find a bit annoying the guy with the guitar who really cannot go closer to Jason Mraz, but when you hear them you cannot pass by.

First of all, you physically can't as every time they perform (usually in Grafton Street) they generate an impenetrable choke of people who wouldn't give up their spot in the crowd for nothing, because even if in the crowd they still got one and it means they can listen.
But the main reason why you surely wouldn't just pass by them when you hear Keywest performing is that their music suddenly sucks you into a different dimension and kind of hypnotise you as well: at that point you have two choices.


Choice one: put on your headphones and fight it, which would be very coherent if you were some kind of rebellion maniac, or a bit masochist.
Choice two: you stop. And you listen.

I'm going to give you the most sincere advice from the bottom of my heart: don't fight it.
Even if you are late for work or class, if you are in the middle of a busy day, if you cannot wait to eat, just stop for a while and listen, it's worth.
Worth but a bit dangerous as well, as usually what happens is that if you stop once you'll stop every single time you see them, and these guys are there quite often.

What can you do if you became addicted?
Well, you could buy the CD (the price is just as ridiculous as the ones of the concerts I mentioned at the beginning of this post), so that having their songs at hand whenever you want you might feel a bit better about yourself if one day you saw them busking and you really couldn't stop.

That's a good alternative as I said, but listening to them live is still something else.
They are absolutely b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t
And I never said that about a busker.
I mean never ever for three years in Dublin.
I usually don't stop.
I pass by and I listen for a while, until the sound leaves me just as if it was washing away.
But now, after three years I found someone able to stop me and make me, almost oblige me, to listen to them and also make me smile without even realizing it.
But not forcing me, oh no!
I do want to and every time I pass by Grafton Street now (which means pretty much every day) I hope to spot them one more time.
That's one of the reasons why the rain has been pissing me off even more than usual lately…

Some weeks ago during these days of unbearable weather we had, when I haven't seen Keywest for quite a while I did some research and I found out that I am so not the only one loving them.
They actually happen to have a channel on VEVO and some official videos online…

…and of course many of the ones posted by their fan and portraying them performing in Dublin.

I don't know how the future of this half Irish, half British band will be and if they will stay much longer in lovely little Ireland, but for now I feel so lucky to have the chance to listen to them almost on a daily base.
It's like having a private mind blowing concert to go to, every day.

I'm sure most of you know them already, but if you don't, check them out asap!
More will be coming up here too, no worries ;) 

Stay tuned!

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