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Monday, 7 April 2014

FashionShed Int

Hello my dearest ones, 

I cannot tell you how glad I am for this Monday to be over already.
I have never been a Monday-hater, but lately I've came to realise how much I actually dislike the first one of the so called working days

Even if it's sunny and everything goes pretty smooth, 
even if there's dance class in the evening, 
even if I don't have that much work or classes to attend compared with many other days of the week.

I guess it's probably the feeling that Mondays give you what I hate: the feeling of having already an entire week on your shoulders just because your body needs to get back into a productive function after the week end and that's, we all know, very hard sometimes…

But now that another Monday is gone (yay!) I just want to focus on the rest of this week.
I'll do that after sharing with you the backstage photos of a shooting I've been working at last Saturday.
It was the launch shooting of FashionShed Int and I've been asked to style it, which was so much fun due to the bright and trendy colours and the cheerful shapes of the design.

The shooting day started in the worst possible way, but once we gathered together the team and got to the location, change after change everything seemed to go in the right direction, thanks also to the gorgeous couple of models that brought new life to the designs of FashionShed: Dina Wootton and Chelsea Omotosho.

Shouts to the marvellous Yetunde Wahab, make up artist extraordinaire who came despite having to get ready to take a flight to Nigeria the day after.

Other than styling, my main task for the day was to take a backstage video which will probably be used by the brand for future promotion and events.
I loved doing it and an highlight was having my Spanish friend and talented blogger German with me to help me around…
such a great coincidence he happened to be in Dublin on the day of the shooting!

The official event for the launch of FashionShed Int is to happen on the first days of May and of course I'll keep you posted on that.

For now, I'm very curious to hear your opinion about the looks, I'll post the official pics asap…

Stay tuned!

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