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Sunday, 6 April 2014


A clothing brand inspired by swimming and its main features such as elegance, balance and strength. 
Something made for swimmers but not only, for swimming but not really and, most of all, by a proper swimmer: German Zubiaur Sellares, founder and CEO of Bewater.

This Spanish clothing brand is now taking off even better than German would have ever imagined, when he decided to combine his passion for swimming and his desire to launch his own business and, about a year ago, he started Bewater.

The brand is still growing and developing and if at the beginning it happened to be a local business, thanks to the spreading of words about it (mostly positive ones…) Bewater is now beginning to brake the boundaries of a Basque, being based in Bilbao, but also Spanish based enterprise and is looking forward to expand.

First stop: the UK, but last week end German himself, who is a old time friend, happened to be in Dublin for a visit and that's why we decided to take advantage of a very beautiful spring day to go to St. Stephen's Green and get some shots of one of the last T-shirt produced by the brand.

Keep an eye on the logo, which has been thought and designed by German himself, I have the feeling you are going to see it more and more around you in the future…

(German and I in St. Stephen's Green) 

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