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Thursday, 17 April 2014

In the land of dreams

Good morning everyone!

Another week has almost gone by already and May is coming toward me closer and closer meaning various rings such as then end of the semester and time to move away and start a new chapter.
But first of all, May means home as I will be in Italy for two weeks and I honestly cannot wait.
After these months of hard work and horrible weather I really need a brake, some days to switch my brain off completely and just think of what to drink at aperitif (not even, I might get someone to order for me instead…).

Yesterday was particularly miserable as after spending hours and hours editing my final documentary (you'll see it very soon!) I realised that there had been a problem importing the clips in Final Cut pro and I basically had to do it all over again.
But despite being outrageously exhausted after spending all the afternoon in the editing room, I am now finished and I found the strength to go for a run in the canal, which turned my day around completely.
The light was just so beautiful, the air was chilly enough to run in my short sleeves without freezing and everything around was so relaxing I suddenly felt on holiday.

But speaking of beautiful and speaking of something else that made me very happy today I want to show you the backstage photographs from an absolutely fabulous editorial we did last week end in Connemara for Flawless Magazine.
Let's start from the beginning: do you remember the interview I told you I did with fashion and celebs photographer Nicky Johnston during London Fashion Week?
Well, that was probably one of my favourite ever but it also lead to some interesting planning for future collaborations, and the Connemara shoot was the first one of those and the first official fashion editorial Flawless has ever had.

I must say, planning it hasn't been easy at all, and at some point I thought that everything seemed like the perfect recipe for disaster.
But not giving up and fixing every single thing that went wrong initially repaid and we all ended up having a wonderful experience.
Everything was perfect: the model, beautiful Chloe from Catwalk Models, agency based in Galway, came out with her agent Mandy and they were both so lovely that I just cannot wait to work with them again.
Sandra, my gorgeous friend and talented make up artist came all the way from Dublin with me, providing fruit and crackers for the endless bus drive and bringing an extra smile to the team.
The hotel we were staying in, chosen absolutely randomly by Nicky amongst Clifden's many guesthouses, ended up being so nice and cosy that I would actually recommend it to anyone travelling to the West of Ireland.
The staff of the Connemara National Park, then, was just lovely as well, giving us the key of a room inside of the visitor centre in order for us to to make up, hair and chance of clothing in a close and relatively warm environment.
Nicky, then, was just fabulous: him and his assistant Matt were not only enjoyable to work with, but also a great company.
At some stage during the second day of shooting, when we went around with the car looking for locations, I had to remind myself that I was actually working and not having a trip with some friends, because that's actually how I felt most of the time.

How unprofessional?
Well, I must say that this was one of the occasions that made me realise one more time how enjoyable is our job and how much I love to do it.
No matter if we have been jumping from cliff to cliff, stones, woods, waterfalls for all the day.
No matter if the wind was blowing, the skirt was falling, the hair was not staying as it was supposed to, the smoke pellets were not lighting up…
In the end, the search for beauty provided great results and even tho I cannot show you the official pictures as they need to be published in the magazine first, I hope you'll get a glimpse of how fabulous everything was from the backstage photographs.

Honestly, it was the best working experience I've done until now.
Exciting, enjoyable and successful.
Plus, it gave me the chance to discover a part of Ireland I had never seen and which absolutely shocked me.
I've been living in this country for three years now and I had no idea that a bit further away toward the West coast there is a completely different land.

A land of mountains and deserts, a land of fairy tales and waterfalls, where the woods hide promises they wouldn't disclose and the trees are trying to brake free from the ground in crazy stretches.
A land of dreams, the Ireland of dreams, as many of you might imagine it but which you really wouldn't understand if you don't see it.

Everything there is magical, and looking at that landscape from the bus window on the way back to Dublin I couldn't help but feeling a deep connection with these places.
Maybe that's because I've been building my own home in this country for the past three years and the thought of living soon is finally hitting me.
Maybe because there's so much magic that I couldn't pass through it without noticing…

I am very happy that Nicky captured some of that mystery in his photographs, and I thank him for being so amazing doing that.
Now, let's all wait for the next issue of Flawless!

Stay tuned…


Photographer: Nicky Johnston
Assistant: Matt Monfredi
Designer: Linn Marie Karslen
Make up/Hair: Sandra Rakasova
Model: Chloe Colstello @Catwalk Models
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Carlotta Buosi 

Monday, 7 April 2014

FashionShed Int

Hello my dearest ones, 

I cannot tell you how glad I am for this Monday to be over already.
I have never been a Monday-hater, but lately I've came to realise how much I actually dislike the first one of the so called working days

Even if it's sunny and everything goes pretty smooth, 
even if there's dance class in the evening, 
even if I don't have that much work or classes to attend compared with many other days of the week.

I guess it's probably the feeling that Mondays give you what I hate: the feeling of having already an entire week on your shoulders just because your body needs to get back into a productive function after the week end and that's, we all know, very hard sometimes…

But now that another Monday is gone (yay!) I just want to focus on the rest of this week.
I'll do that after sharing with you the backstage photos of a shooting I've been working at last Saturday.
It was the launch shooting of FashionShed Int and I've been asked to style it, which was so much fun due to the bright and trendy colours and the cheerful shapes of the design.

The shooting day started in the worst possible way, but once we gathered together the team and got to the location, change after change everything seemed to go in the right direction, thanks also to the gorgeous couple of models that brought new life to the designs of FashionShed: Dina Wootton and Chelsea Omotosho.

Shouts to the marvellous Yetunde Wahab, make up artist extraordinaire who came despite having to get ready to take a flight to Nigeria the day after.

Other than styling, my main task for the day was to take a backstage video which will probably be used by the brand for future promotion and events.
I loved doing it and an highlight was having my Spanish friend and talented blogger German with me to help me around…
such a great coincidence he happened to be in Dublin on the day of the shooting!

The official event for the launch of FashionShed Int is to happen on the first days of May and of course I'll keep you posted on that.

For now, I'm very curious to hear your opinion about the looks, I'll post the official pics asap…

Stay tuned!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

My New Little Obsession...

I am sure that many of you won't be surprise reading this post.
Some of you might even give me a major eye roll or think that I might have lost it about what would be interesting to post on my beloved blog, not because what I am sharing with you right now is not interesting but just because it's being heard a lot around Dublin at the moment.

As everyone knows, Dublin is the city of music.
Here, music is everywhere at any time of the day and night: in the theatres and venues you can access for a ridiculous price and attend amazing eye opening concerts and performances, 
in the pubs when you drink your pint or simply meet your friends for a drink after work,
but most of all, the beating heart of Dublin's musical culture is the street.

In fact, especially in the main streets but pretty much everywhere, buskers who bring this word to a whole new level being incredible artists, play and display and catch our attention while we pass by.
You might not stop to listen to the kids who are impressing a duet and beginning their busking carrier, you might find a bit annoying the guy with the guitar who really cannot go closer to Jason Mraz, but when you hear them you cannot pass by.

First of all, you physically can't as every time they perform (usually in Grafton Street) they generate an impenetrable choke of people who wouldn't give up their spot in the crowd for nothing, because even if in the crowd they still got one and it means they can listen.
But the main reason why you surely wouldn't just pass by them when you hear Keywest performing is that their music suddenly sucks you into a different dimension and kind of hypnotise you as well: at that point you have two choices.


Choice one: put on your headphones and fight it, which would be very coherent if you were some kind of rebellion maniac, or a bit masochist.
Choice two: you stop. And you listen.

I'm going to give you the most sincere advice from the bottom of my heart: don't fight it.
Even if you are late for work or class, if you are in the middle of a busy day, if you cannot wait to eat, just stop for a while and listen, it's worth.
Worth but a bit dangerous as well, as usually what happens is that if you stop once you'll stop every single time you see them, and these guys are there quite often.

What can you do if you became addicted?
Well, you could buy the CD (the price is just as ridiculous as the ones of the concerts I mentioned at the beginning of this post), so that having their songs at hand whenever you want you might feel a bit better about yourself if one day you saw them busking and you really couldn't stop.

That's a good alternative as I said, but listening to them live is still something else.
They are absolutely b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t
And I never said that about a busker.
I mean never ever for three years in Dublin.
I usually don't stop.
I pass by and I listen for a while, until the sound leaves me just as if it was washing away.
But now, after three years I found someone able to stop me and make me, almost oblige me, to listen to them and also make me smile without even realizing it.
But not forcing me, oh no!
I do want to and every time I pass by Grafton Street now (which means pretty much every day) I hope to spot them one more time.
That's one of the reasons why the rain has been pissing me off even more than usual lately…

Some weeks ago during these days of unbearable weather we had, when I haven't seen Keywest for quite a while I did some research and I found out that I am so not the only one loving them.
They actually happen to have a channel on VEVO and some official videos online…

…and of course many of the ones posted by their fan and portraying them performing in Dublin.

I don't know how the future of this half Irish, half British band will be and if they will stay much longer in lovely little Ireland, but for now I feel so lucky to have the chance to listen to them almost on a daily base.
It's like having a private mind blowing concert to go to, every day.

I'm sure most of you know them already, but if you don't, check them out asap!
More will be coming up here too, no worries ;) 

Stay tuned!


A clothing brand inspired by swimming and its main features such as elegance, balance and strength. 
Something made for swimmers but not only, for swimming but not really and, most of all, by a proper swimmer: German Zubiaur Sellares, founder and CEO of Bewater.

This Spanish clothing brand is now taking off even better than German would have ever imagined, when he decided to combine his passion for swimming and his desire to launch his own business and, about a year ago, he started Bewater.

The brand is still growing and developing and if at the beginning it happened to be a local business, thanks to the spreading of words about it (mostly positive ones…) Bewater is now beginning to brake the boundaries of a Basque, being based in Bilbao, but also Spanish based enterprise and is looking forward to expand.

First stop: the UK, but last week end German himself, who is a old time friend, happened to be in Dublin for a visit and that's why we decided to take advantage of a very beautiful spring day to go to St. Stephen's Green and get some shots of one of the last T-shirt produced by the brand.

Keep an eye on the logo, which has been thought and designed by German himself, I have the feeling you are going to see it more and more around you in the future…

(German and I in St. Stephen's Green)