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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Memorial Friday

Good evening everyone!

Today was quite a relaxing day, swimming, sleeping and getting some work (and cleaning) done.
Completely different from the whole past week which was filled up completely and a very cool week end during which we have been having two hosts in our flat: Toni and Ivan, my room mate's brother and his mate, who are going to be here until Monday evening.

Right now it seems ten minutes ago that Matea and I went to pick them up at the airport…
but hey! It's already Sunday evening! A new week is about to start and I am pretty sure that I'll have quite a few things to show you afterword.

As I was telling you, it was a very cool week end but full on as well.
On Friday night we went out straight after the boys arrived and on Saturday morning everyone was on their feet at 9.30 (yes, I am not kidding…) as I brought them all around town while Matea was working.
We literally went everywhere, I almost felt bad for how much I destroyed them! But it was definitely worth as the day was amazing: sunny and quite warm ad spring was actually happening in Dublin after the outrageous weather we have been having in the past few weeks.

In the night we had a dinner party at our house with traditional Croatian food cooked by Ivan who is a professional chef.
I must say: after having boys in the house for two days I am really beginning to understand how cool would be to actually have them here all the time, or to have some testosterone in the house in general.

Matea is just amazing (have I ever told you that?!) and I absolutely love our little house we are decorating step by step… but I mean: they cook! They fix stuff! They are so chilled and they would be even if you were of the edge of a major freak out!
All these a pretty valuable things in my opinion… 

I have a couple of plans for next week, but today I want to show you something I did with my gorgeous Brazilian friends and dancers Alex and Lucas on Friday.
It all started as I was supposed to join Alex at his rehearsal with Caitriona for a music video they are making for a music band from Dublin…
but then Caitriona felt sick, the rehearsal was cancelled and we found each other with a full day ahead with nothing to do… perfect timing for a little shooting!
So that's what we did, picked up some cool outfits at Alex's place and went to the memorial in Parnell street and get creative!

Here's the result of this little experiment...

I must say: hanging out with these gorgies, taking photos of them and being in the sun was such a nice way to spend a Friday morning.
I cannot wait for our next shooting!

I hope you enjoyed this little snaps of beauty and dance, in contrast with the grey color of the surroundings…

Stay tuned! 

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