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Friday, 21 March 2014

They shall dance

Hello everyone!

Here I am again after a couple of pretty crazy weeks.
I remember when at the beginning of last week I told myself: "If you survive the next one, you can do anything".
Now I am here, still alive, still pretty much sane and quite calm as well, but it doesn't mean I feel that much empowered for surviving the last very eventful days.

Since I wrote the last post in my beloved blog:
-I've been planning two ginormous shootings which are going to take place in the next two months and for which every single person involved has been giving me to much drama (aka crap…) that I sometimes wished I could give everything up and start selling flowers. 
But no way, never give up and that's why I simply decided to cut all the drama and with it all the people that seem to bring extra worries (most of the time unnecessary ones) into my life. Guess what? That works! 

-I've been hosting my beloved beautiful amazing friend Anna for a week and together we have enjoyed St. Paddy's week end and its craziness, despite me being working all the time we were not partying or hanging out (sounds tiring? Meh…!) and despite the fact that on St. Paddy's day I had to fly out to London for 24h in order to attend the both the final interviews for my MAs, which I somehow managed to squeeze in the same day so that I could be gone from home just for 24h.

-In the 24h I've spent in London I managed to: have both interviews in the two colleges which happen to be at the opposite parts of central London; interview Alessandra Steinherr, lovely Beauty Editor of Glamour Magazine in the offices of the magazine which was like a dream come true; meet with Clive Arrowsmith that after out chat at the Ivy Club brought me to eat Chinese food in a fantastic (and very Chinese) restaurant in Chinatown and ordered so many different dumplings I don't even know what I ate; interview Mathilde, lovely French girl who is probably going to jump on board and start working for Flawless magazine as a PR.

-Do course work

-Do work for the magazine

-Fix my applications for a couple of competitions I am taking part to, which meant additional writing and additional nights in bed with my laptop working.

That's pretty much what I've been doing, plus trying to catch up with my social life and honestly I think that if I hadn't have my friends with me, who are basically like my family, and the preference call on my phone set with my mum's number I probably would have gone to the hospital and bag them to keep me there for a couple of week at least…

But I must say: I am happy.
I am happy about how everything is going, about the fact that I am training myself to take everything step by step and I am also satisfied of how much I am learning in this period of my life, and I'm not only talking about what I learn in college.

Most of all: I am proud of everything that I am taking part to, every new challenge, every new experience and I think I will just keep going as much as possible until I have the energy, because that makes me feel so alive.
Still, I will need a holiday sooner or later, but I am sure calm times are about to come and I will enjoy them even more because of the memory of these incredibly busy period…

Today I want to show you another new experience I did which made me so happy.
In the last post I was showing you the rehearsal Alex and Caitriona were doing for the music video they were asked to shoot by director Aidan Farrelly.
Well, a couple of days after the rehearsal, on a moody Sunday morning, we all drove to county Meath (well, Caitriona drove) and we ended up in this quite random but very nice studio inside of a farm for the actual shooting.
It was such a fantastic day which flew by so fast, despite the many hours we spent in that room photographing, recording, dancing.

My lovely Clemente came by to give me a hand as I was carrying my professional camera to take some shots which I am hopefully going to be able to use for my final exhibition in college, as it's going to be about backstage.

One of the reasons why we all enjoyed it so much was probably the fact that the atmosphere on set was so chilled and fun.
Something I particularly liked as it brought me back to the beginning of my second year of college, when I was still assisting Sami and doing make up and hair when we had shootings, was the Caitriona asking me to do her make up for the video as she remembered the one I did to her last year.

Once again, she looked just gorgeous.

The song they were dancing on was to nice and catchy that by the end of the day we couldn't stop singing it…
The choreography was simply perfect for that and I felt so proud of them not only because of how they performed it but also thinking of the fact that they build it up in just a few days.

I mean, I know when I smell talent and since I met these two I had no doubts they were a clear example of it.
What I wouldn't expect was how good they work together and how much of a chemistry they are able to create when dancing as partners.

This really made me want to do something more with them, and that's why some days later, thanks to a hind given me by my friend Matea, I got and idea that I cannot wait to put into practise and which will involve them both.

Well, what can I say, that's all I am going to tell you for now but I promise you'll find out more about this new project very soon.
Don't forget: stay tuned!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Flash (back) Dance

Good morning everyone!

Happy Sunday, today I woke up bright and early to an amazing sun and blue sky.
Suddenly spring happened in Dublin and everything looks so much nicer and easier
walking in the streets with just a jacket and moccasins with no socks, feeling a bit of sun on the skin and realising the days are getting longer and longer.

Isn't spring the most amazing period of the year? 
It makes me feel happy just thinking of the summer coming up and with so many exciting projects approaching as well I know these months that separate me from it are going to fly away so fast.

Next week is already St. Paddy's day, then I will be off to Paris for five days to shoot my second video documentary (I will keep you posted on that ;) ) and then to Connemara to shoot an editorial for Flawless magazine which I've been planning n the last few days and which I hope it's going to be even half fabulous that i am imagining it to be… 

But today! 
I am so excited about it and that's probably why I woke up even earlier than usual…
In fact, my lovely friends and dancers Alex and Caitriona are recording a music video for this band from Dublin and they invited me to attend the recording.
A couple of days ago I went to their rehearsal in this gorgeous dance studio in the North of Dublin and it was fantastic to be there with them and seeing them dancing again.

Some of you might remember when last year I made Alex the protagonist of my very first video documentary and Caitriona was so helpful and she came over for some scenes we shot in the dance studio close to the O2 arena here in Dublin.
Despite the snow storm that happened that time, which was so not springy, shooting them was an incredible experience.

I realised how much I missed watching at them dancing when two days ago I was in the studio with them again.
This time my friend Clemente was there too and we had so much fun giving our opinion to Alex and Caitrona about the choreography and participating even if in a tiny way to the process…

It was so emotional for me to see them together working at another project and creating a whole new choreography which was just perfect for the song they will do the video for.
Here I am showing you some snaps of their rehearsal and I will keep you posted about the actual backstage of the video.
I will bring my proper camera and hopefully I will be able to take some good backstage pics for my final project in college…

Until now I was feeling so unsure about it, almost lost as if I was not fully convinced about my ideas, which is so important for me, but now I know what was missing until now: I was missing my muse!
And now I found it back, two of them, and suddenly I have so many ideas I am falling in love with.

We will see, I cannot wait!
You might not be as excited as I am but still… stay tuned!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Memorial Friday

Good evening everyone!

Today was quite a relaxing day, swimming, sleeping and getting some work (and cleaning) done.
Completely different from the whole past week which was filled up completely and a very cool week end during which we have been having two hosts in our flat: Toni and Ivan, my room mate's brother and his mate, who are going to be here until Monday evening.

Right now it seems ten minutes ago that Matea and I went to pick them up at the airport…
but hey! It's already Sunday evening! A new week is about to start and I am pretty sure that I'll have quite a few things to show you afterword.

As I was telling you, it was a very cool week end but full on as well.
On Friday night we went out straight after the boys arrived and on Saturday morning everyone was on their feet at 9.30 (yes, I am not kidding…) as I brought them all around town while Matea was working.
We literally went everywhere, I almost felt bad for how much I destroyed them! But it was definitely worth as the day was amazing: sunny and quite warm ad spring was actually happening in Dublin after the outrageous weather we have been having in the past few weeks.

In the night we had a dinner party at our house with traditional Croatian food cooked by Ivan who is a professional chef.
I must say: after having boys in the house for two days I am really beginning to understand how cool would be to actually have them here all the time, or to have some testosterone in the house in general.

Matea is just amazing (have I ever told you that?!) and I absolutely love our little house we are decorating step by step… but I mean: they cook! They fix stuff! They are so chilled and they would be even if you were of the edge of a major freak out!
All these a pretty valuable things in my opinion… 

I have a couple of plans for next week, but today I want to show you something I did with my gorgeous Brazilian friends and dancers Alex and Lucas on Friday.
It all started as I was supposed to join Alex at his rehearsal with Caitriona for a music video they are making for a music band from Dublin…
but then Caitriona felt sick, the rehearsal was cancelled and we found each other with a full day ahead with nothing to do… perfect timing for a little shooting!
So that's what we did, picked up some cool outfits at Alex's place and went to the memorial in Parnell street and get creative!

Here's the result of this little experiment...

I must say: hanging out with these gorgies, taking photos of them and being in the sun was such a nice way to spend a Friday morning.
I cannot wait for our next shooting!

I hope you enjoyed this little snaps of beauty and dance, in contrast with the grey color of the surroundings…

Stay tuned!