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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

White wine and zebra

When celebrity photographer Nicky Johnston asked me to join him in his house in Clapton for out interview for Flawless magazine I really wished to know where Clapton was…

Instead, I had never heard about that area of London and when having lunch with Fran she told me that she herself never ever went there before, I started to wonder what would have happened.
But after finding my way to Perou's Bow Bunker back in November I was pretty sure it couldn't have been worse or more hidden than that… would it?

So after having coffee with Luke I went to Liverpool street station to get a train (not the tube, I mean a proper train) to Clapton.
Once I got there I was nicely impressed by the area: very quiet but not dead, beautiful houses and the feeling of being in a very well preserved village where people go to take a brake from the chaos that permeates London.

But when Nicky greeted me at the door, holding a glass of wine and wearing a chilled pair of blue jeans and no shoes, I immediately felt great: I knew it was going to be a wonderful evening, the one I was going to spend with him.
And that's exactly what happened: I had a marvelous time!

Since I began interviewing people for my job at Flawless , this was definitely the best one I've had. Everything just floated and we started chatting and the chat became an interview and the interview became a mini tour of Nicky beautiful house as he showed me the back yard and the dining room and the gorgeous living room where a full zebra skin was ling on the ground as a carpet.
I almost couldn't believe he had one as it has been my dream to have one in my house since I was a kid.
I'm pretty sure I tried to convince my mom to get one when we moved out when I was 17, it didn't happen indeed.

Chatting with Nicky was a wonderful experience just because I happened to be a wonderful person and I really cannot wait to have a chance to meet him again, in front of another glass of white wine and just share something about our mutual passion and plans for future collaborations.

(Nicky Johnston and I in his house in Clapton)

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