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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

When memories knock on your door...

Let them flow.

Just as it happened to me when yesterday I received a CD from my dad.
Inside of it there were supposed to be some photographs he took of me when I was in Italy two weeks ago, as one day I took advantage of the fact that I was helping him in the photographic studio with some other stuff.

But he actually surprised me and other than the pictures I was expecting, he filled the CD with photographs of me when I was a kid.
Oh yes my dear ones, these are actual analog photographs directly from the 90s, took, developed and put inside of an album which was then put into a drawer with many other ones, which was then transferred into a box when my dad moved to his new house back in December.

And opening these boxes full of photographs he discovered an entire world of memories we had packed and saved and which we haven't looked at for years.
Many years…

But there's nothing better than looking at old photographs in order to reflect on who we are and think of all that happened.

If I think about myself, I feel like a much different person right now from the one I was two years ago, even from the one I was one year ago and because of that looking at that tiny little me whose eyes are so mean (yes, I was a terrible kid…) but yet so understandable for me it's quite weird.

Something that surprised me is that despite not remembering about most of these moments, when I look at myself in these photographs I can actually recall exactly what I was feeling and thinking in that precise moment the photograph was taken.
Some of them, then, I actually remember but I could confuse myself as for what I remember my dad was carrying a camera and taking pictures of me and everything around us for most of my childhood.
Most of my life actually…

Some things I've learnt looking at there pictures:

1. My mom was freaking gorgeous

2.Despite feeling like a pink sausage every time I was wearing it and driving my ballet teacher crazy as I had no intention to stay composed and be a lady at ballet class, I looked pretty sharp with my tutu

3. I was much more of a diva than what I remembered

4. I've always liked danger and taking control

5. Never put a kid in front of flowers because even if it's the happier Christmas of their life, if they are not white as milk and if they haven't got ginger hair as a result of some strange DNA combination between a blond woman and a black haired man, it's gonna end up looking sad!

So here we go, I decided to share with you some of my favourite ones among the pictures I've received, first of all because they are a valuable example of using a manual analog camera to success and then because I thought that I wanted to show you, my readers, all these little versions of me in order for you to know me a little better…

Which one is your favourite?
I have no doubt, this one is the quintessence of me: naughty and witty at the same time, pretending to be perfectly quiet but making up something in her mind which she knows she shouldn't do.

Of course, she is gonna do it anyway.
That's something that hasn't changed, despite the years…

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