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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The hair guru

When I attended the shooting that Nina Athanasiou did in the White Rabbit studios in London back in November I was so impressed by the skulks of each and every single member of the team that day.
But probably the one who impressed me the most was Diego Miranda, hair stylist and creative director of Joes salon in Chelsea, who has moved to London after 7 years in New York City and who still has people flying over from LA just to have their hair done by him whenever he goes back to the big apple.

Looking at Diego working he somehow reminded me of when I was a kid and I used to to with my mom to her hair dresser in Milano, the only person allowed to put his hands on her head and who she worked with many years at fashion shows.
The way in which that person touched, moved and did things with the hair I couldn't even understand how were happening was just incredible.
Looking at him I knew that what I was doing required skills and was not just a matter of attitude…

Well, when I saw Diego working, I could recall the same feeling of mystery: I had no clue what he was doing and how he was doing it, and yet it looked fabulous!

But also, he added something more to the allure that old-style great hair stylists have.
Maybe, the fact that he is himself a very cool, stylish person was the bit that made everything he was doing not only professional, not only perfect but also fresh

Chatting a bit with him and getting to know something about his story, I just knew it was not enough to satisfy my curiosity about him. That's why I decided to interview him for Flawless, and that brought me to Joes salon in Chelsea, where we had a chat and he also gave me an amazing hair cut which is just perfect for me.
And I mean, perfect… and I didn't even know that! 
And I didn't say a word to him when he asked me what I would have wanted him to do…

I cannot wait to see him published in Flawless, but most of all I cannot wait to go back to Joes not as a journalist but simply as a client and have my hair done again.
Hopefully next time Diego will have time for a drink as well, despite his busy schedule, as I have the feeling that there's still quite a lot to learn from him and his way of living…

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