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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

THE City

Little records of my wondering around during my last day in London,
going from Tower Bridge toward the Market in London Bridge, then up the Thames until the Tate Gallery and up St Paul until Covent Garden…

…down Trafalgar square until Victoria where I met with Fran in the pub Alessia works in, right before to leave for the airport where I spent the night as I hate so much having to wake in the middle of it to take a bus.

It was a great week.
It's strange to think how big, chaotic and difficult London used to seem to me when I was coming here for the first times, and how right now it almost feel like home or at least as a place I would like to be home for a while because of the emotions it gives me.

I've learned that wherever you are in London there's always: a Starbucks to crash if you are tired and need a treat;
a Tesco where to buy food either on the way home or if you are rushing somewhere;
a tube station where you can go home from.
And realizing that made me understand that maybe there's no city which is too big or too hard to live in: it just depends on you, how you feel about it and how you manage to compromise with it in order to enjoy it.
Because there's a lot to enjoy, a lot.
Compromising was never something I liked to do, but right now I could accept this compromise with London, just because I think it's worth what I could get back from it.

We will see what happened, nothing is said,
but you stay tuned!

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