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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

@Seb Winter

My third day in London started as most of my days in Dublin usually start: with the rain.

A heavy and stubborn rain that didn't stop for all the morning and made the tube wet and stinky. Thank God there was this wonderful woman who meet me close to Bond Street for a coffee: my lovely friend Taz, who I met when she was working as a make up artist for Nina Athanasiou's shoot for Flawless in London, back in November.
When I saw her again in Venice a month ago for the Venetian shoot with Nina, I told her that we should have met as I already knew I was coming for fashion week.

We went for a coffee and had a lovely chat which was enriched by the fact that she introduced me to her marvellous kids!
Seriously, some of the prettiest kids I have ever seen and so quiet and educated as well!

Meeting Taz was lovely as usual, even tho I could's stay for as long as i would want to.
In fact, I needed to head to East London, to Shoreditch in particular, where I interviewed fashion and beauty photographer Sebastian Winter in his studio in one of the coolest spaces ever: a building where various offices and designers are paired with charities and associations which are given an office space there to organize themselves and pursue their activities.

The studio was lovely indeed…

Do you notice anything weird?
Oh yes, the sun came out again! Which made my walk around Shoreditch in the sunset even more enjoyable…
But that's another story.

Stay tuned!

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