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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

On the way to Chelsea

Did I tell you I like to walk around when I'm in London?

Well, I really do, even tho sometimes I don't really realize how big it is and how distances are much more spread than in Dublin where I am used to walk everywhere.

That's why when I feel very tired at the end of the day I ask myself "Why am I so tired? Why do I feel exactly like I was just out of a spin class?".
Well, that's when I should start counting the kilometers i walked during the day!
Or maybe I should't, sometimes is better not to know.

Anyway, on Friday, my fifth day in London, I was going to Fashion week end with Fran and lovely Alessia, but before that I had to go to Chelsea to interview amazing hair stylist Diego Miranda, who I met when I styled Nina Athanasiou's shooting back in November and who I clearly remembered because of how good he was at his job but also because of how cool he himself was: perfect for Flawless and I cannot wait to finish the feature I am writing about him and see it published.

Going to Chelsea I went off the tube in Westminster as it was such a wonderful sunny day (again) that I din't want to miss a single moment of it.
Which I did, as I was out all the day, before walking to Chelsea and then at Somerset House where I spent the rest of the afternoon.

But let's talk a bit about Chelsea, home of one of the TV shows I am slightly embarrassed to watch but which became a drug for me from the very first season, beautiful and extremely posh area of London which looks a bit like one of these nice cakes you see at weddings and celebrations, which everyone is slightly afraid to cut as they look so pretty, but who everyone wants to eat as they are so delicious…

Somewhere I haven't been before but somewhere I will definitely go back to, maybe not to look at flats to rent, maybe not to shop, but at least to have my hair done again from Diego…

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