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Friday, 7 February 2014

Making the Gangam...

Dear my dearest,

Despite the fact that I sometimes forget that I am still in college, before the beginning of this semester I couldn't wait for it to commence.

In fact, I must say that my timetable if filled with the coolest subjects ever, which is perfect this being the final one.
Well, I guess part of it is due to a good choice from myself among the electives (I had to give up PR but I am so looking forward for producing my second video documentary…) but most of it actually depend on my lecturers and the faculty which have build up a truly great spectrum of subjects.

Seriously, thinking about all the skills we will have at the end of this degree makes me feel a little more confident about finding a job which I could actually enjoy, somewhere out there.

Talking about tasks,
this semester I've decided to take an extra elective module, just because when they presented it back in September I thought it was so interesting.
Also, it will teach me how to use Adobe Flash, which has been sitting in my computer since I got the Adobe Suit but never been touched (like a virgin…uh!).

So I thought: why not? 
And here I went, first class and introduction to the program, to find out that what we see as animation in Tv, commercials etc it's not some kind of magical mystery but a series of images changed and moved around using Key Frames as turning points.

The result of my first class:
Making Psy dance and add a bit of text to him.
Alright, he is looking a bit mad, but after two hours doing this I couldn't avoid being proud!

Here's a link to have a look at the HTML version:

What do you think?
I hope to be able to show you much more interesting stuff very soon…
If you have suggestions for a cool animation I could get inspired from for my final project just leave a comment!
I'll read them and check all your proposals and ideas out!

Meanwhile, stay tuned!

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