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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Camden & Friends

The second day in London was possibly even more exciting than the first one, not only because I had the chance to interview amazing celebrity photographer Nicky Johnston, but also because I spent half of it with two of my favorite people among the 8 million living in London: my friends Francesca and Pol.

Francesca was going to the Britz Awards that same day and therefor she asked me to meet her in Camden where she was going to have her hair done.
It sounded fantastic for me as it allowed me to do a bit of shopping and enjoy the beautiful sunny day among stalls, clothes, shoes and loads of studs which in my opinion are never enough…

Something that made me absolutely happy was finding my beloved studded gloves in white! So now there's not a single outfit I won't be wearing them with…
Alright, maybe just a couple of them.

Fran and I had lunch in this pub we usually go to and then Pol met us and we hanged out together for a while before I headed to Holborn to have a coffee with another friend I met in Paris earlier on last year and who now lives in London, Loic.

But what I'd like to share with you is the beautiful scenario of Camden, which I photographer many other times but which looks completely different with a very special feature: the sun!

Stay tuned!

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