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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Back in town!

Hello my dearest ones! 

Long time no chat again, but now I am officially back from London where I spent last week working for Flawless magazine at Fashion Week!

It has been an amazing experience which saw me coming back to Dublin with a lot of work and exciting plans for the future.

Of course, I will share everything with you so let's start from the very beginning.
This time I was staying at my friend Simon's place in Rotherhithe, which is such a nice area although I never had a chance to properly explore it before.
Its piers and the proximity to the river actually made me feel home since the very first second as they reminded me a bit of Dublin.

Well, the only difference was that I could see gorgeous Tower Bridge from my room as Simon lives in a penthouse!

The first day I got to London was the last one of fashion week and I was lucky enough o get tickets for KTZ show, which was absolutely amazing!
But first, I want to share with you a bit of photographic record of my walk from Simon's house along the Thames until Tower Bridge, where I took the tube to Somerset House.

It was a marvellous day and I have to be honest: this time I really realised how horrible the weather in Ireland is.
"Tell me something new!" many of you could say, but honestly, until I felt so nice and warm walking around London in my little jacket and experiencing lovely sunsets every single day I was there and no wind at all, I understood that no matter where I will live after my Irish experience: I will never find a worse weather than this!

Something I love to do whenever I get to London after a while being away is just walk around.
It's my very personal way to re-establish my legacy with the city and make sure I still know my way around…

So after the show at Fashion Week and after having a coffee with some friends I decided to walk up to Covent Garden, and then I kept going until Leinster Sq, Piccadilly and Oxford Street, to finish in one of my favourite streets every, which always has something new to show me whenever I pop there: Carnaby Street.

More British than ever this time…
But this is just the first bite, as I said, of my very intense London experience.

Wait for the next one and of course: stay tuned!

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