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Friday, 17 January 2014

Fiorenza la bella

Dear my dearest followers,

I hope you are not still mad at me for the long absence from the blog: I'm back for good I promise and from now on I won't forget about my creature and you all anymore.

I will just put an alarm inside of my head and whenever it rings I'll know it's time for a new post, or maybe I could try some old fashion remedy such as putting a ribbon around my wrist as a reminder.
I'm sure that wouldn't work tho… I'd probably end up thinking: "Oh what a nice idea I had of putting this there, looks nice!"/"Wtf what was I thinking…a ribbon?!".

Anyway… as my last defence I'm going to tell you that despite being away for so long I was actually putting together material for my blog and editing and doing all the usual things that I do early in the morning when my flatmate is still deeply into Morpheus' world while I am sitting in the kitchen sipping endless (and huge) cups of coffee (loving coconut water too, must try!).

That's why when I went to Florence over Christmas to meet up with the team of Reykjavik Boulevard I took some photographs of the beautiful city which I wanted to share with you.

I must say that being there during Christmas time made me realize that not only in my home town and in venice Christmas decorations are definitely a fail, but probably in the entire country we are just not made for these.
Well, my "meh.." reaction to the supposed-to-be Christmassy of the city could be the result of me living in Dublin, a city which definitely comes alive at Christmas and shines bright (like a diamond… cit.) as if there was daylight at night too or as if we were in some Scandinavian country where they experience the midnight sun or something like that (next trip must be planned soon…).

But still, despite the lack of Christmas magic, some of the decorations were actually really nice.

Moreover, a city like Florence surely doesn't need decorations to be beautiful, as it has its own magic and brightness at any stage of the year.

The weather was also much less cold than in Vicenza (where it was f-r-e-e-e-e-e-z-i-n-g) so in the end there were all the factors for a very enjoyable day: nice people, nice projects for the future to talk about, the concept-store tour we had in search for places where to showcase the creative guide 

seriously, some of the coolest shops I've ever seen…

and nice weather.
Plus: food, and I mean… food.

I hope you enjoy these!
Take a guess: what do you think I used to shot these photographs?
What do you think of the result?
Very curious to know your opinions…

Stay tuned! 

Long time no post…

I must say, I actually don't remember the last time I've been so long without posting in my baby blog.

But the problem this particular time was that I actually realised it some hours ago when I was about to go to bed after another endless day of work and study and I had that weird feeling you get when you know you have something to do but at the same time you don't remember what exactly.

Then when I work up this morning: BOOM!

So here I am, despite having to face another day which will bring me all around and carrying my notes to study in the brakes between:
-a trip to the Italian embassy helping Sami to get his Italian visa as we are shooting Nina Athanasiou in Venice next week
-a meeting with Toni who is going to show me some of the editorials she produced in Russia last month
-the first dance class after my lovely Alex came back from Brazil three days ago.

Knowing all this I thought it would have been the best choice to update my blog as the first thing because I could just portray myself falling asleep on the laptop while doing it tonight…

Don't get me wrong: life is great and very few times it has been more exciting than this!
Big part of this excitement comes from something I've been doing for a while now and which is giving me so much great satisfaction.

I've been telling you about FLAWLESS magazine before, in the feature about magazines I've published some time ago, but today I want to show you the last issue of the magazine, with some of my work which went into it and preparing you for the one which is coming out this week and which will feature, among the other brilliant artists, my interview with amazing Perou…

HERE you'll find issue 13.
I hope you'll enjoy enough to become fans and to want to find out more about it.
The next ones are going to be better and better I promise, 

I was just thinking about it yesterday while having my Skype interview with Lionel Deluy in LA.

Please let me know your opinions about it and if you have anything to suggest to make it even more fabulous, do not exitate!

And of course, stay tuned!