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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Docks of Photography

Hello everyone!

Long time no see,
I'm very sorry for being away from my beloved blog for so long but in the past two weeks finally the deadlines for assignments started to happen and if until a month before them procrastination is still an option, when 5 days are missing and a pile of unread papers starts to get dusty on your desk it means you have to make it happen somehow.

Well, I did! I don't really know how to be completely honest but now all the assignments and projects are done, handled and these papers (which are still dusty…) have been carefully locked in my drawer.
Christmas holidays can actually start and these days I'm trying to let the Christmas mood to get to me a bit because even tho Dublin looks like the usual giant Christmas lights paradise I still haven't felt that much christmassy.
A great pub crawl with my friends and a dinner at home cooked by my dad who came to Dublin for everyone (probably the only proper meal that happened in our house since September…) helped a bit, but hopefully Christmas shopping planned for today will do the thing!

As I mentioned, my dad came a couple of days ago to visit me and as I know one of the (few…) things we have in common is the passion for photography, I thought that being around town with him would have been a great occasion to pop at the Word Press Photography exhibition which is taking place until the 22nd of December in the chq building in Dublin Docks (find more about it here).

 It was my very first time inside of the chq and I was quite surprised of how nice the exhibition area looked like: I like a nice mix between a modern structure and glass and silver surfaces and the old walls of the Dublin docks.
The setting of the exhibit was quite nice too, despite the panels being disposed in a way that made it sometimes tricky to watch at a picture and the one next to it as people got just stuck in between the two (they were displayed as an L) in most rooms.

Being the themes of the photographs quite various, from social issues to war photographs to nature reportages, some of the images showed were quite upsetting, some others absolutely unique.

I must admit: even if I thought some of the war photographs were absolutely stunning the ones that got my attention the most were wither the ones dedicated to nature and its beauty, but also some of the sport pictures, just because they represented very special moments from an absolute unique angle.
Some of them portrayed moments of joy, fatigue, victory, loss, but also freedom and happiness that really moved me.
But they also showed some unedited sides of societies people usually don't know much about which I found really interesting and capturing.

generally speaking: this exhibition which seem to be specific and focused on one particular kind of photography (journalistic one) turned out to be so various that I would recommend it to absolutely anyone.
Yes, some of the photographs are objectively upsetting, but the viewer should be able, after reflecting on the issues they are meant to rise, to detach from the actual issue itself and consider its medium: the photograph.
If able to do so, he will realise that first of all they are amazing example of photography and photo journalism.

Great exhibition indeed, which I will remember for a long time and which I am sure will be just my first Word Press Photography one.
Looking forward to see it again next year.

Nice plus: if you happen to go there during Christmas time you should definitely pop by the Christmas market which takes place outside in the Docks.
Lots of nice food and Christmas presents to free your mind in the fresh air and feel lucky and blessed one more time about what we have.

That should be the main maiming of Christmas…

Have a great one you all! 
In Dublin and all around the world!

And stay tuned..

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