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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Some portraits...

Sometimes I forget how much I love to be in the photographic studio, put on some lights and take photographs.
Trying something new, experimenting, I think I could actually stay inside of that white room for hours and hours without even realising it.
It's almost therapeutic for me, a way to get away from everything else for a while and just focus on what I see through that lens and how it comes out on that scree, which can be sometimes very different from what I had expected…

Last year having Photography as a module during both semester and adding my own personal projects, the studio was basically my second house and there have been weeks when I was actually spending more time in the studio than in my own home…
This year has been quite different until now: it's the last one of college, the one where we need to eventually decide what are we going to do next or what do we like to do best and focus on it.
Because of that, there's been much more writing than photographing in the past four months, but that doesn't mean that photography will always remain my second biggest love.

Today I want to show you some portraits I've taken of Aaron a couple of days ago.
I missed spending time in the studio with him but I haven't forgotten how great he is as a model.
Flawless skin, bright eyes, and guess what?
This time he also had a suit!

It's already Thursday (again!) which means that another week is almost gone, another week end it's coming up and Christmas is getting closer and closer…
I have the feeling that it's going to be one of these years when I realise it's Christmas only when I'm putting a piece of Panettone in my mouth sitting at the Christmas table!
Oh well… let's start the count down, that might help!

Stay tuned!

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