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Friday, 6 December 2013

bday buzz @DeLaPunc

Here I am again!

I can't believe that I was writing here on my blog just this morning…it looks like three days have gone between the last post I wrote and this one I'm about to share, just because what I thought was going to be a pretty relaxing morning ended up being a huge frantic mess!

Basically I lost my credit card.
Well, then I also found it again…
But everything that went in between I am just going to prevent you from knowing.
Some hints of it: a semi-panic attack from a friend which proved my capacity to cool down about it, various plans made up and changed about the possibility to virtually transfer money from my actual bank account into my hands without having a credit card (gotta have to go back to that it might be the biggest invention after the microwave and non-slip socks…), various plans how to escape in another world/country (soon abandoned due to the lack of cash…), a very hysterical father, a very practical mother ("deal with it!" and she dropped the phone…), some very precious friends who actually made me feel so much better.

In the end, the only problem was that I might have had a little too many drinks yesterday night and I forgot about a very random field trip my friends and I took to Clayre's while waiting for my friend's date to come ("men", honestly?! be punctual.).
Yes, I was just about to give up thinking and wondering around this morning when I suddenly remembered about paying my new fake body ring (really…) with my card and leaving it in the machine.
Before realising that, I thought I had left it in De La Punc, where we all went after the first jazz event at Om Diva in order to celebrate the birthday of the shop with some more beer and shopping.
Lovely Gina, the owner, was actually one of these friends who made me feel better this morning, hugging me when I went back to the shop thinking I had forgot my card there after paying my marvellous new elephant neon necklace (really!).

Anyway, as we say in Italy: tutto e' bene quel che finisce bene!
Or simply: thank God I found it.

So now, after a power nap which lasted much longer than Leonardo Da Vinci would have approved, I am ready to share with you the second part of last night.

An incredibly successful event at De La Punc (which we've bee talking about already here) in order to celebrate the first birthday of the shop.

(Gina and me)

It was a very different kind of event from the Jazz night at Om Diva: different music and different people.
I must say: I loved it!
It was the kind of hipstery and fun atmosphere that I would like every party to have.
Also, the beer was free and the dj was playing surrounded by cupcakes: what's better than that?

(Sami and I trying on some of Gina's amazing hats…)

It was definitely the kind of event where you can look around, meet interesting people and so on without forgetting the real reason you went there: celebrate!
And therefor have a blast with a bunch of friends and just enjoy the night.

(Matea, Clemente, Diane and I)

Congratulations to Gina and the De La Punc family for this very successful first year which culminated in a very successful birthday party!

Talking about myself: I'll leave the credit card at home next time, for a series of reasons…

Stay tuned!

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