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Friday, 6 December 2013

And all that Christmas Jazz

Good morning everyone!

Today the weather in Dublin seems to reflect that sense of emptiness and sadness which is pervading many hearts all around the world for the loss of one great man who died yesterday.
Madiba made the history, he was a piece of history and one of the very few remaining examples that yes, men can be good and they are able to achieve incredible things.
He did, and for that and for what he represented we will always remember him.
Hamba kakuhle, Madiba!

But despite the horrible weather of the last couple of days which made it hard to actually be outside in the streets, the Christmas mood is now officially on all around Dublin.
And Christmas mood means Christmas events!

All of you my readers know how much I enjoy a nice party.
And if the party provides lovely jazz music, delicious drinks (Italian drinks, just saying…) and beautiful fashion well, that's definitely my kind of night!

That's why when I got the invitation for the annual Christmas Jazz Night at Om Diva I couldn't wait for it to come.
This year the party was a nice mix between people I haven't seen for quite a long time such as Ruth, the lovely owner of the Divas universe and mind behind all the great parties I've taken part to in the shop, and friends who came along with me to enjoy a glass and live a bit of Dublin behind the scenes…

One very nice highlight was meeting Timothy Ogunyemi, founder of Picture This Dublin City (…
Timmy and I met exactly one year ago in the same place at the same jazz event.
I remember him asking Louise and I to be taken a picture for his upcoming business, Picture This.
Since then, I've been following him and his activity and I must say that I find it exceptional how much it has grown in just one year.
Almost as much as Lou's business have been growing (we talked about her and her new boutique here).
That's why I didn't need him to tell me the news about it and I was so happy to see him again and have the chance to congratulate myself.
The new website of Picture This is being launched soon and I will definitely keep you posted on that, for all the photo lovers, Dublin lovers and not only…

(Timothy of Picture This Dublin City and I #throwback)

Also, I was so happy to have some of my favorite people in Dublin with me: my friends Diane, Matea and Clemente, who share the passion for fashion and the love for life with me and who as I said joined me and definitely made my night even better that it would have been…

(Clemente, Diane and I at Om Diva)

Karen and Sami were there too and looking around at the designer pieces showcased in the shop (especially upstairs, must check that out!) we couldn't help but portraying these amazing designs in a photo shoot.
Talking with Ruth about Flawless Magazine made me this that it will hopefully happen at some point next year, when the Christmas madness will be a memory and we will be left with a lot of new presents and a lot of food to burn down…
Good ideas might help!

(Sami, Karen and I)

(Sami and I outside Om Diva)

Thank you so much to Om Diva and Ruth for another great night…
The atmosphere these ladies are able to create and how funny and nice they are makes it a pleasure to go visit them…
Even just on a rainy day like this, even just for a bit of shopping…
Happy Christmas to all of you Divas!

And you all…stay tuned, this was not the only event of last night!

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