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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Where to find the Scoop..

Good evening everyone!

Here I am finally in the quiet of my room after a fantastic and very busy week end, which started with Halloween night on Thursday and ended up just half an hour ago when we came out of the cinema.
Let me tell you, if you are tired and want to treat yourself a little bit (should food excluded…) just get a ticket for the last Thor movie: two hours of Chris Hemsworth in front of you and in 3D should be enough…

Anyway, I am now writing in my baby blog because earlier today I received a very good news.
In fact, almost a month ago, two very talented and enterprising members of my course, Holly and Mary, asked me to take part to a project they were getting started with: a new magazine called Scoop.

Here's the first complete issue of the magazine, must check it out! (Especially have a look at page 12..)

They asked me to cover the photographic side of it and I was very happy to help them, even because it gave me the chance to take photographs to some very interesting people they have been interviewing.
The most interesting and, I must say, photogenic among them were with no doubt the Fanlights.
Dublin based band composed by Unamae, Karl and Fionn, all very talented and all students who are already breaking out in the Dublin music scene by playing gigs in pubs and having (for now) small concerts whenever they can.
Most of their songs are written by them as well, which I found incredibly good as they are actually very likable!

Holly and I went together in the Loop studios in order to interview them and take some shots for the article which is now published.
Because I wanted to wait for the issue to come out before showing the complete shooting to you, I am now proud of introducing you the Fanlight, in all their rock star coolness!

Attending the interview with Holly, which she did just outside the studio, was also lovely and very interesting and I took it as a chance to snap some more photos of the guys, the lovely journalist and also a short video.

(The Fanlights and Holly)

I hope you enjoyed and of course I recommend you to check them out!
Here's their fan page where you'll be able to find all the links you might need to know more about them:

(The Fanlights and me)

Congratulations again to these two amazing ladies for the success of their very first issue!
And because we have been looking at some music today, once more,
stay tuned!

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