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Friday, 29 November 2013

The Warrior Princess

Thas girl it's just fierce.
She has studs on her, and metal.
The structure of her garments it's high and though, it screams independence and strength.
She has eyes that penetrates you and she wants to make a statement: she does have a voice.
She looks like she comes from another world, where nothing is certain but she walks trough and keeps going, nothing can stop her.

But who's that girl?
That, ladies and gents, is Linn Mark Hatlelid's girl.
She doesn't care about diamonds, they are not her best friends, they are just stones.
She wants something she can go out and be herself with, but at the same time something that will remain in the eyes and the mind of the ones who spot her for a long time.
She wants to surprise for who she is and that's why what she wears it's nothing but a statement of her personality.

It's this type of girl, impersonated by amazing model Orla Murphy that we've been shooting yesterday in Dublin.
Muhammad Sami was the photographer, Sandra Rakasova did the make up which blew my mind away for how perfect and coherent with the whole concept it was.
At the same time, Karen Miley was shooting her video documentary which it's going to feature me in a brief interview and the other members of the team.

There was quite a lot going on in the studio, 
but still no one could manage to take their eyes off from Linn's creations.

The shooting was made for the award among Northern European designers launched by Elle Magazine and to which Linn is going to take part to.

Sometimes we think we need so much in order to do our job: a great studio, great equipment, great everything…
But in the end, we should always remember that it's talent that counts and in that studio yesterday talent was spreading all over the place.
We had a small studio and not the best camera but Sami made it work out incredibly and every time he showed us pics he had just taken we were screaming and jumping all around: they were just something else.
Plus, Orla Murphy was an incredible revelation for me.
I thought I had never seen her before and then i found out that she was the same girl Sami had been shooting for the Pinko campaign earlier this last summer: I hadn't recognise her from the pictures, at all.

She is an absolute stunner, but most of all she is such a chameleonic person that she looks different in each one of her shootings.
And what's more important for a model than being as versatile as possible?
That's why she was just as perfect as a posh womanly girl for Pinko as she was as fierce warrior princess for Linn.

It was definitely a long afternoon, as everything needed to be perfect and that's of course time consuming.
But at the same time it was the kind of shooting that made everyone go home still excited about it and extremely proud.
Now, it's up to Sami doing the selection among all the shots in order to choose the ones for Elle.
And it's going to be very hard this time…

Also, it's not over yet as we will shoot the same collection of wonderful Linn in the streets of Dublin on Saturday.
For the ones of you who will be in town, you might bump into a warrior princess at some point…

If you do, don't be scared: she is fierce but she doesn't bite.

Stay tuned!

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