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Monday, 18 November 2013

Oops I did it again...

…big time!

For the ones who know me well enough to know that despite me looking absolutely positive about my opinion when I do express one (which doesn't happen that often…) this might not be a surprise.

But if they know me they would probably be the same people who listened to me saying how much I hated London until two years ago, to even…

Actually, I did.
Or at least, I thought I did, because right now it seems impossible even to me changing my mind so radically.
From hating to hoping it will one day become my home it's quite a big step.

But what can I say, the only way to justify myself that I can think of is blaming this moody feelings to my passionate nature: I feel what I feel and I cannot change it.
Moreover, I strongly believe that what makes your opinion about a place are the memories you have there.

Here we go, this could be the final excuse to myself in order not to feel too silly when I think about my rapid changes of opinion: from last year I've been living things that are now some of my best memories ever and they've all happened in London.

Is it enough to love a city?
Maybe not, but surely it's more than enough to get curious about it and feeling the need to experience more and find out more.
That's how I feel about London right now, very much.

Plus, it gives me great photographs every time.
That might me a very interesting plus value…


(Shopping for fabrics for her new collection with Linn, such a lovely day!)

(The house party at Fran&the boy's)

 (Marvin, Fran and I at Wembley Park waiting to get into the studios for the X Factor live show)

(Here's us getting a spot in the second line…)

Of course, I'll be back very soon with some updates that will hopefully blow your mind away…
Stay tuned!

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