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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Lost in Bow

I must say, when I got the idea of interviewing one of my favourite photographers (not just fashion photographer…), I would have never thought of it actually happening.

Maybe it's because I am still not fully aware of some of the most beautiful aspects of my job, such as getting in touch with some the most creative and inspiring people in the planet and chat with them about their work and their thoughts…

When Perou accepted to have an interview with me for Flawless in his studio in Bow, London, I couldn't quite believe it and it was just when I was ringing the bell of the Bow Bunker that I realised I was actually there and I had to finally pull out a decent interview without looking like an idiot, despite getting completely lost trying to catch the tube from Liverpool Street station and then following the map on my iPad to find out where the bunker was.

Chatting with Perou was an experience that I will always remember, not only because I could consider it as my first big face to face interview, not only because I am such a big fan of his work which I've been following for so long now, but also because of the topics which we actually touched in the interview.

Sometimes, when you meet someone you've already heard about or someone you wish to have a positive feeling about and then find out they are not as you expected is a delusion (and epic fail…).
But Perou turned out to be even better than I expected: more controversial, more interesting, different and extremely opinionated which are some of his features I appreciated the most and wish to find in his person as I did in his work before.

You should all check him and his genius out, I promise you won't regret it! 

Also, get ready for the interview to come out,
Of course, I'll keep you posted.

A little advice, do not read his personal diary...

Stay tuned!

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