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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Like a Fairy Tale...

Good evening dearest ones!

Finally I am resting a bit and finding some time to write her in my beloved blog after another very busy week followed by a very busy week end…

This week full of assignments to submit, class work to get done and application forms to fill up was actually highlighted by two amazing photo shoots I've taken part to.
The first one we did on Thursday with Sami and the amazing team composed by Zainab, Anum Atif and Sandra Rakasova who are not only some of the lovelies people I've ever met but some of my favourite co-workers as well.
No matter how hard and complicated a shooting is, no matter how hight is the expectations, they are always able to bring the most positive energy to the set, which makes it a pleasure to work and turns all we do into so much fun… because it actually is!

But let's get into it… First of all, the location:
Clontarf Castle is not so far from Dublin.
But taking the ride along the sea and spotting the city and its lights on the other side of the bay on the way to Colntarf, everything seems very different.
A small seaside village, where the fishing boats clash with the chimneys of the factories, still roaring despite the Celtic Tigers have been sleeping for quite a while now.

 The streets surrounded by trees and parks, the gorgeous houses and the quiet that reigns all around portrays the ideal residential area where to raise kids and spend an happy old age: so close to the city but so far from its frantic atmosphere.

Then, there is the Castle.
 Or at least, what used to be a castle and it's now an extremely luxurious guest house, whose features have been kept absolutely faithful to the original appearance.
 That's probably why Clontarf Castle is often used as set for movies, videos and of course photo shoots.
 Adding the marvellous gowns by designer Umit Kutluk and Sami's skills as a photographer, the potential of this shooting was indeed undoubted, 

But probably the element who finally made the entire shoot was the model: Valeria Bandino, actress and model but most of all gorgeous, tiny lady whose grace derives from years of ballet dance and whose features could remind the ones of a delicate princess.

Her character was simply perfect for the surrounding of Clontarf Castle, where she sometimes looked so at ease you would have said she was actually living there: as a beautiful princess, wearing beautiful gowns and wondering around her castle in a rainy day.

These snaps you are looking at are the Behind the scenes of the actual shooting which is going to get published soon…

Of course, I will share the link of it as soon as it comes out and I'm pretty sure it's going to blow your mind as this amazing location and these beautiful gowns did with me!

(Zainab and me in the room we rent for the shoot in the Clontarf Castle Hotel)

With the final editorial, you'll be able to read the exclusive interview I had with Valeria during one of the make up moments in between changes of look for the shooting.
It was actually very nice to have our interview speaking in our beautiful language, Italian:
it seemed to me as we were isolating in our little bubble where to share feelings, opinion, memories that I appreciated very much Valeria talking to me about.

She is indeed a lovely person and I hope this will be just our first time working together…
Regarding the other precious members of the team: Zainab, Anuf and Sandra, I am just sure we are going to get together soon again for something even more special.
Sami… well, I'm going to let you know about our next project after we will both come back from London where we are going this week and where it's going to take place.

(Valeria Bandino and me)

(Sandra, Valeria and Zainab)

(Zainab, Valeria and me)

Getting curious about this?
I definitely am… meanwhile you all: stay tuned!

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