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Friday, 29 November 2013

The Warrior Princess

Thas girl it's just fierce.
She has studs on her, and metal.
The structure of her garments it's high and though, it screams independence and strength.
She has eyes that penetrates you and she wants to make a statement: she does have a voice.
She looks like she comes from another world, where nothing is certain but she walks trough and keeps going, nothing can stop her.

But who's that girl?
That, ladies and gents, is Linn Mark Hatlelid's girl.
She doesn't care about diamonds, they are not her best friends, they are just stones.
She wants something she can go out and be herself with, but at the same time something that will remain in the eyes and the mind of the ones who spot her for a long time.
She wants to surprise for who she is and that's why what she wears it's nothing but a statement of her personality.

It's this type of girl, impersonated by amazing model Orla Murphy that we've been shooting yesterday in Dublin.
Muhammad Sami was the photographer, Sandra Rakasova did the make up which blew my mind away for how perfect and coherent with the whole concept it was.
At the same time, Karen Miley was shooting her video documentary which it's going to feature me in a brief interview and the other members of the team.

There was quite a lot going on in the studio, 
but still no one could manage to take their eyes off from Linn's creations.

The shooting was made for the award among Northern European designers launched by Elle Magazine and to which Linn is going to take part to.

Sometimes we think we need so much in order to do our job: a great studio, great equipment, great everything…
But in the end, we should always remember that it's talent that counts and in that studio yesterday talent was spreading all over the place.
We had a small studio and not the best camera but Sami made it work out incredibly and every time he showed us pics he had just taken we were screaming and jumping all around: they were just something else.
Plus, Orla Murphy was an incredible revelation for me.
I thought I had never seen her before and then i found out that she was the same girl Sami had been shooting for the Pinko campaign earlier this last summer: I hadn't recognise her from the pictures, at all.

She is an absolute stunner, but most of all she is such a chameleonic person that she looks different in each one of her shootings.
And what's more important for a model than being as versatile as possible?
That's why she was just as perfect as a posh womanly girl for Pinko as she was as fierce warrior princess for Linn.

It was definitely a long afternoon, as everything needed to be perfect and that's of course time consuming.
But at the same time it was the kind of shooting that made everyone go home still excited about it and extremely proud.
Now, it's up to Sami doing the selection among all the shots in order to choose the ones for Elle.
And it's going to be very hard this time…

Also, it's not over yet as we will shoot the same collection of wonderful Linn in the streets of Dublin on Saturday.
For the ones of you who will be in town, you might bump into a warrior princess at some point…

If you do, don't be scared: she is fierce but she doesn't bite.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, 28 November 2013


Penthouse party at Sukh

My girl Erika…Miss you so much!

Pau pau coming to Dublin and a very nice throw back tea

One of the images from Nina Athanasiou's shooting by Sami

Around and about with the girls on a relaxing Sunday

Buying Christmas decoration and getting into the atmosphere (a little early…)

The Harry Style sosia Tea and I spotted in Dicey's

Quentin's bday!

So excited for today's shooting for Elle with Linn's collection! 
Have a great day everyone!

And stay tuned…

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Something about Nina...

Good morning everyone!

Here I am with the last very special update from my London trip.
I must say, when Sami asked me to join him during his shooting in London last week I would have never thought that it was going to be one of the best experiences I've had until now, both professionally and not professionally.

It all started with an early (but early) flight to London on Wednesday 13th of November, at the end of which I popped at my friend Francesca's to hug my girl and have a coup of tea before what was going to be a very long day…
That also gave me the chance to plan my way toward Shoretich, a part of London where I had never been before and which I found really, really cool.
Not only because it's not far from the vibrant streets of the City, in the East side of London, but because of some kind of special feeling it has about it: the little shops with independent designers and artists showcasing their work, the photographic studios…
It's the prototype home for the prototype hipster.
Of course I love it…

The White Rabbit studios are probably the most gorgeous photographic studio I have ever been to, even better than many other I've seen in Italy and France.
Funny thing: it doesn't look like a photographic studio at all! In fact, at the entrance there's a little bar and restaurant which makes beautiful food (I don't know if it was because of my crazy hunger but let me tell you it was the most delicious food I have ever had in London!) and coffees and they have tables where to sit down.
That's probably why they are able to offer such a fantastic service to the people who rent the studios, providing a small catering for them, which is very much appreciated half way through a busy day of work. 

But apart from the amazing environment we were in, the most amazing part of that photo shoot for me was meeting so many fantastic people all at once and all in the same place!
First of all, Nina Athanasiou (, fashion designer whose pieces I instantly fell in love with and who I've been interviewing (coming soon!) and chatting with about her style but also about life, about her being a fashion maim and still being able to pull out a wonderful carrier which is still growing and growing…
It was such a pleasure to chat with her and she made me feel so instantly confident that it was one of the occasions where I forgot for a while that I was doing my job there.
It was just so interesting and…fun! 

The female model for the shooting was the lovely Ellie Kanght, who has been signed with Flawless Models for two years now.
She was just the perfect model as I imagine her: not a single complaint, not a moment when I saw her turning her eyes around, not a single word about what she had to to and how.
She was just a doll, but a though one as she never asked for a brake or a moment to reload, at least while a was there.
Plus, she was absolutely stunning and perfect for Nina's style.

(Nina Athanasiou and I)

Nina really is a sweetheart, and that's probably why she ends up being such a good friend of the people she works with.
For example James Gallagher, who has been the main male model for her campaign since they met at the Brooklyn Fashion Week End in 2009. 
Since then James, who is signed with BMG models and lives in New York, has appeared in Vogue UK, Tatler magazine and Marie Claire and his carrier seems to be very connected with Nina's one, in the sense that they are both helping each other toward success, which is something that I always evaluate and appreciate so much as you know: I strongly believe in team work and (as we say in Italy) a great team shouldn't be changed.
Nina seems to know that…


(Sami and I)

I guess I shouldn't tell you anything else from what I've already done about photographers Muhammad Sami and Karen Miley, apart from the fact that I am so incredibly proud of them and their talent and even happier to call them friends.
I cannot believe how much they have grown during the past two years and seeing Sami shooting Nina's design was very emotional for me because I know how passionate he has always been and I feel like  his hard work and strength are guiding him closer to his dream…
I'm sure you will hear much more about them, even because by winning awards (Karen has been invited to London fashion week earlier this year after winning a competition launched by Canon) and flying around Europe for their shooting they are going to come up with very interesting new projects...

Someone else I was so happy to meet at the shooting was Diego Miranda, hair stylist who happened to model as well at some point.
He is French but raised in Spain which means that we could actually communicate in three different languages…
He has been living in New York for the past six years where he has met James and they've become good friends.
It was James who thought of him while planning the London shooting with Nina, as Diego just moved to London three weeks ago, where he is now Creative Director at JOES salon ( and I actually cannot wait to go there and let him be creative this time with my hair when I'll be back in London.
He has that craziness and funny attitude that I usually like to bring to the team myself but at the same time he was definitely keeping up with the glorious tradition of amazing French hairstylists, some of the best in the entire world.

Another great surprise was Mumtaz Anwar (, gorgeous make up artist who got in touch with Nina during London Fashion week.
Taz has been studying at the Sassoon hair stylist academy and afterwords she has been working for Mac for seven years.
One of her biggest inspirations, she told me, is Lisa Eldridge.
Her make up station was just as messy and creative as it should be and I was so happy to personally experience having my make up done from her, who was so nice to fix my face before I had to run off to Bow for my interview with fashion photographer Perou.
Little plus value to this strong but incredibly sweet woman: she also is a single mom with two kids of seven and nine years old.
Once again, the #girlspower was a must on my Instagram and I felt so proud to be a woman because of these amazing ladies...

As I said, I would struggle to define this shooting as a job.
I'm just going to define it as a wonderful experience which has given me so much and I will always remember.
Every single one of the people in that room was very precious and them together meant the premise to create something smashing.
We will see, this time it's going to be particularly hard waiting until the photographs come out.

Thank you to all of you, Nina, Sami, Karen, Diego, James, Taz e Ellie: GOOD JOB! 
I really hope to see you again asap and work together in the future!

Keep in touch for more updates!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Lost in Bow

I must say, when I got the idea of interviewing one of my favourite photographers (not just fashion photographer…), I would have never thought of it actually happening.

Maybe it's because I am still not fully aware of some of the most beautiful aspects of my job, such as getting in touch with some the most creative and inspiring people in the planet and chat with them about their work and their thoughts…

When Perou accepted to have an interview with me for Flawless in his studio in Bow, London, I couldn't quite believe it and it was just when I was ringing the bell of the Bow Bunker that I realised I was actually there and I had to finally pull out a decent interview without looking like an idiot, despite getting completely lost trying to catch the tube from Liverpool Street station and then following the map on my iPad to find out where the bunker was.

Chatting with Perou was an experience that I will always remember, not only because I could consider it as my first big face to face interview, not only because I am such a big fan of his work which I've been following for so long now, but also because of the topics which we actually touched in the interview.

Sometimes, when you meet someone you've already heard about or someone you wish to have a positive feeling about and then find out they are not as you expected is a delusion (and epic fail…).
But Perou turned out to be even better than I expected: more controversial, more interesting, different and extremely opinionated which are some of his features I appreciated the most and wish to find in his person as I did in his work before.

You should all check him and his genius out, I promise you won't regret it! 

Also, get ready for the interview to come out,
Of course, I'll keep you posted.

A little advice, do not read his personal diary...

Stay tuned!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Oops I did it again...

…big time!

For the ones who know me well enough to know that despite me looking absolutely positive about my opinion when I do express one (which doesn't happen that often…) this might not be a surprise.

But if they know me they would probably be the same people who listened to me saying how much I hated London until two years ago, to even…

Actually, I did.
Or at least, I thought I did, because right now it seems impossible even to me changing my mind so radically.
From hating to hoping it will one day become my home it's quite a big step.

But what can I say, the only way to justify myself that I can think of is blaming this moody feelings to my passionate nature: I feel what I feel and I cannot change it.
Moreover, I strongly believe that what makes your opinion about a place are the memories you have there.

Here we go, this could be the final excuse to myself in order not to feel too silly when I think about my rapid changes of opinion: from last year I've been living things that are now some of my best memories ever and they've all happened in London.

Is it enough to love a city?
Maybe not, but surely it's more than enough to get curious about it and feeling the need to experience more and find out more.
That's how I feel about London right now, very much.

Plus, it gives me great photographs every time.
That might me a very interesting plus value…


(Shopping for fabrics for her new collection with Linn, such a lovely day!)

(The house party at Fran&the boy's)

 (Marvin, Fran and I at Wembley Park waiting to get into the studios for the X Factor live show)

(Here's us getting a spot in the second line…)

Of course, I'll be back very soon with some updates that will hopefully blow your mind away…
Stay tuned!