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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Project wedding...

Good evening everyone!

Today despite having gone trough a pretty insane week end, having been sick the first days of the week to then feel better and go out partying again I feel so full of energies...
What seemed to be a hopeless day in the first part with me trying to desperately overcome something in between the sickness which is not totally gone yet and the aftermaths of last night turned out to be an incredibly productive and funny day when I went out for coffee with Karen and Sami and the coffee became a tour around all the launches happening today in town in hair salons, boutiques and beauty shops! 

But before to tell you something about that about today I must share with you the chronicle of something else which made me so proud: the wedding event which took place at Project51 last night and the very first event I took part to as an intern!

Oh yes, maybe I haven't mentioned it yet but I just got an internship in this amazing boutique showcasing Irish (but not only) designers but also soap makers, hat makers, artists of various type and flower designers...
It's such a creative and inspiring environment and Hannah, my boss, is just about to take it from the old owner Michael and she is already starting to pull out of her hat some great ideas for how to modify and refine the shop but mostly about events and stuff happening in the next months.

She has clear ideas about what she would like Project51 to be and I think I realised it last night when I got there and the entire room had been turned into a sort of bridal paradise where to gather amazing ideas for a wedding or simply shop beautiful jewels and hats and have a glass of wine.

The event was a good occasion to showcase some of the amazing hand made pieces of jewellery made by Siobhan Finnie ( who has just became a member of the Project51's family and whose creations are going to be available in the shop from now on, with the amazing pieces from Grace O'Reilly ( and many many others...

Grace was there herself for the entire duration of the event and it was so nice to have the chance to chat with her for a bit.
Another lovely participant to the event was with no doubt Zivile Burbaite of Gift Fairy , lovely florist whose coloured tulips and roses and green plants were surely a big part of the setting...

(From left: Grace O'Reilly and Zivile Burbaite)

(On the right side of the photo: Siobhan Finnie's jewels)

But there were many ladies who popped by to spend some time at this lovely gathering which turned out to be dedicated to braids and weddings only formally...
In fact it was enjoyable and enjoyed by every single one who took part and the ladies had a bit of fun trying on some of the pieces in the shop

Hat maker Kate Betts was there too and her designs were for sure among the most desired ones: everybody wanted to try on her hats and they did! 
I did too... they are just as amazing on as they look on the shelf.
No, even more...

(From left: Hannah, future owner of Project51, Kate Betts, hat maker and baker Alice Healy)

Later on during the night I also had the chance to chat a bit with stylist Carmel Daly who came with her lovely daughter and spent quite a lot of time browsing among the pieces in the shop as she is styling a shooting very soon and she was looking for some inspiration for that.
For sure she was in the right place and that I could see from her pleased face while going around Project51: she had the expression that only someone who can really understand the value of a design and appreciate it would have, someone truly passionate about great fashion and its quality.

(From right: Hannah, Zivile, stylist Carmel Daly and her daughter Karen Daly of One Fab Day) 

But talking about something else but fashion, the highlight of the evening were the cakes baked by lovely Alice Healy.
She was not only an incredibly funny woman and a lovely mother as her daughter's approach toward her could testify but also an incredibly talented baker.
Her cakes cupcakes and funny patisseries contributed not only to delight the audience because of their taste, but also because of the way they looked like which was absolutely fantastic and made them into real decorations...

Even if the audience was not only female, I must confess that what I enjoyed the most was being surrounded by so many interesting, clever, gorgeous, talented women.
First of all Hannah, who I am sure it's going to make a fantastic job and kick off with the new upcoming Project51 but also Grace, Zivile, Alice, all very different because of what they do and how they are but all laughing together and loving a piece of lemon cake...

It was a really lovely night and the first one of many successful events held by Hannah at Project51...
Some of you might wonder why I told you that this made me proud at the beginning of the post.
The reason for that is because I feel so happy to be a small member of the Project51 team and to have the chance to see how this world of fashion lovers and also PRs and also sellers, in a word multi taskers, work and how do they pull it out being always fabulous and most important making the people around them fill fabulous...

I think I'll learn a lot from them, I feel like I already had!
Yesterday night for example...

So stay tuned, because there will be much more to see and enjoy for you as well!
And if you live in Dublin or even close to it you might want to pop by and have a look next time: good fun ad beauty assured!
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  1. Hi Carli, thanks for such a lovely mention of the cakes! We had a lovely night. Alice and Alisande, Ah, Cake!

  2. What a gorgeous wedding project. The decorations are outstanding. I love everything that has been shown here. Our own wedding reception is in 3 weeks and we require so much help with the preparations. We have booked the hillside event space Chicago for the party and now working on the DIY crafts. So excited!