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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Must shop: De La Punc

After three years living in Dublin and long week end days around town discovering shops, boutiques and markets I am pretty convinced of my good knowledge of all the places where you should, wouldn't but also shouldn't shop in town.

But as Dublin always does in many many ways, surprises sometimes come also in this point of view and I end up discovering a place I didn't know about but I definitely should have.
This is the kind of situation when I end up thinking: "How did I miss it?" but at that point it really doesn't matter anymore because I know that particular spot will remain in my list of musts for a long time.

Something like this happened to me last week right after the photo shoot we had in the Georgian Society with Antonina Zharko.
I was walking around waiting for some friends to take a coffee with before my job interview when I passed by my favourite Moroccan restaurant in South William Street.
Looking at the sign of a great deal which stood outside the door, I happened to spot a little, but very little, stair going down to one of the basement shops which are all along the street.
But this time something cough my attention.

I don't know if it were the colours, the music, the very funny welcoming sign outside the door, but I felt like going inside and now I am very, very happy I did.

De La Punc (  has been open for more or less one year now, owned by lovely Gina Liu, Hong Kong lady who was so welcoming and chatty with me, and her Irish-German boyfriend.

It's a quite small ambient, but divided in a way which makes it look like a kind of little labyrinth but which makes perfect sense at the same time.

You just go all around, looking at both sides of you to spot the amazing pieces of clothing, the hair bands and hats and bags but most of all the amazing accessories which blew my mind away.
Everything screams: COOL.

Not too dark despite some studs and bones here and there,

not too hipstery despite some of the vintage leather bags and hats,

not too funky despite the wide range of colours that makes the design look much more fun.

I loved it!
And I was quite sad when Gina told me that they are thinking about moving away from Ireland next year in order to travel a bit and find their actual home which they don't feel Dublin to be.

"But don't worry" she said "the shop remains!" and I was glad to hear that, not because I am myself going to be here next year as well, but because when I see something so good I always wish it's going to stay for a long long time and develop more and more and achieve more and more audience! 

When Gina and hey boyfriend and co-worker won't be here, This Greedy Pig ( whose prints they are already showcasing in the shop is going to take over and hopefully take good care of the beautiful shop, its concept and the clients.

Definitely a MUST go, especially now that you'd still be able to find Gina there and have a chat about fashion and her inspiration for the shop.
Maybe this could happen in occasion of the Halloween party they are throwing down there and which I am sure it's going to be a great way to spend the creepiest holiday of the year!

Just to say...
Stay tuned! 

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