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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Getting cooled @SugarCubed

Hello everyone!

Here we are, another Saturday is approaching and you cannot imagine how happy I was this morning when I woke up and saw the actual sunshine outside the window...
Yesterday it was possibly one of the uglies days I've never seen in Dublin and despite being always inside of some place I really felt like it was dark the entire day.

Oh well, here's another week and as I said and it's already almost the end of October: time flies!
Assignments are approaching and I am so excited about the idea of my week end in London getting closer and closer...

But today I'm going to show you the last little report of the events I went to two days ago.
Let me tell you, town this Thursday was just crazy and packed with events, launches and openings!
We could say this week in general was, because on Wednesday while the wedding event at Project51 was happening there was another event going on in Claredon Street: the lunch of Sugar Cubed.

Sugar Cubed is probably the coolest hair salon I've ever seen...
Not only because of the design of the walls and the stations that reminds me a bit about an old hair salon somewhere in NYC,

not only because everyone working there looks so stylish and cool,

not only because they host some art pieces such as the one now sitting in the window: a sculpture by Sek 2,

not only because the owner Mark O'Keeffe has a passion for photography and has provided the shop with great images to portray its look in the most effective way,

but because of something about the relaxed feeling that this place gives you.

It's not just a pretty salon where to treat yourself, 
it feels something more stylish than that like it was meant to host VIPs and stand out from the many many other places where to have your hair done in Dublin.

It's not super sleek, super posh: 

it's just so cool and being there gives you the feeling of becoming slightly cooler yourself, which I think it's much better than feeling like becoming slightly tidier...

Something which surprised me a lot is that despite having seen many cool hair places in Italy and in France especially, some of them owned by real stylists who work within the fashion industry and are usually behind the scene of fashion shows and runways, I thought Sugar Cubed could definitely compete with them and eventually beat many of them for the way it looks.

Talking about the actual skills of the hair stylists there, I still have to try them, which I will probably do very soon...
But the huge glass window in front of the shop which allows everyone to see what's going on inside makes me think that they must be looking forward to show Dubliners what they are capable of...

That will have to be another post!
Stay tuned...

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