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Monday, 7 October 2013


Hello everyone!

Here I am back to my beloved Dublin after a very rushed, very fun week end in Italy.
As I anticipated you, I went back home to attend the festival about journalism and current affairs (but not only..) that the paper Internazionale hosted in Ferrara this past week end.

That also gave me the chance to spend time with some of my favourite people in the world and despite the full immersion of conferences we had and the rainy weather which made me struggle to realise I wasn't in Ireland anymore, we managed to have a blast.

But now even if the day has been long and filled with journeys in at least five different meanings of transportation among which bus, train and plane, I just couldn't wait to sit at my desk in my room and officially get back on track and show you a big preview of what we did on Tuesday the 2nd, right before my departure.

When Antonina Zharko proposed me to be the stylist and copywriter of her upcoming fashion photo shoot, I felt so happy and excited about this chance to collaborate with her and be a part of her amazing work some of which I have already showed you.

But when we sat down and spent a cloudy afternoon drinking coffee and talking about the project she had in mind earlier on in September, I realised that it was going to be something much bigger than I expected: a proper editorial featuring big Irish designers and taking place in one of the most interesting locations you could find in a city like Dublin, whose Georgian and Victorian influences brought by the colonisation of the British empire actually contributed to generate some of the most beautiful architectures of the city itself.

A Georgian room in the Irish Georgian society of South Williams Street.
Marina Bergman of doing the make up.
Rebecca Gasking and Alison Treanor from Distinct Model Management posing with the beautiful garments from designers such as Sookyoung Song, Rebecca Kenny, Louise Rawlins, Maria Lola Roche, Mary Fitzpartick and wearing Beatriz Palacio's jewels.
And of course, Antonina Zharko taking the pictures and bringing all of this to life with her talent and innovative gaze.

(Maria Lola Roche, Alison and I)

(Marina Bergman and I)

(Antonina Zharko and I)

(Alison wearing Maria's gorgeous gown and I)

We came up with something pretty amazing, I have to admit.
Sometimes it's weird how attending a photo shoot and getting to be in that room while the pictures are being taken, you can just imagine how the final result it's going to be.
You see the model moving in some way, you spot the make up artist doing her work, you see a look being put together, you look at the photographer while working and you just know that you are testifying to some pure beauty being created.

Which is even easier when the garments are just so beautiful, like Maria Lola's dress made with tulle and crystals and a piece of embroidery hand made by her grandma and over 100 years old.
When you are already in front of a piece of art of that kind, photographing it it's not just giving a memory of it which will remain forever, but also turning it into a different form of art by portraying it.

In that Georgian room where I could feel the passion and commitment and excitement of every single one taking part to it, we created some art and beauty which made us feel enriched and delighted.
That's why I hardly consider this work, despite the huge amount of work and time which goes into it, and that's why I am planning to make this my future, just because I know I would be happy to keep doing this for the rest of my life, even if I had to work 24/7.

I guess that's what happens when you find your way.

Anyway, despite the feeling of something great being created in front of you, looking at the actual pictures it's always an incredible emotion and sometimes a surprise as well.
That's why, after filling your eyes and curiosity with this preview, you'll be very soon be able to look at the actual editorial on and,_Culture,_Art,_Luxe,_Tendance.html.

Therefor: stay tuned!

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  1. Hi! What a lovely blog!
    Do you remember me from my Erasmus at Dublin? :)
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