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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Flawless Trends in Reykjavik...

Good morning everyone!

As you might have noticed from my quite long absence, college has officially started and with it assignments and projects are coming up everywhere, making me feel like I was under a pile of work…

Right now I must say I am pretty happy with what is going on between college work and my own projects. I cannot wait to meet Antonina Zharko today to talk about our next photo shoot together, but meanwhile I want to show you something that I realized I have never been telling you about…

In fact, since this summer I have started contributing to three online magazines, I am so happy and excited to show you right now:

Reykjavik Boulevard 

It's not just a fashion magazine.
It's a very complete diary which features fashion, art, photography, travels, all together with interesting interviews and absolutely stunning images… Basically my dream magazine!
In fact, I have been reading it for so long before attempting to ask Niccolo', the editor, if he was looking for contributors and if I could have had a little space among the great people who were already contributing to it…
Since then it has been very interesting for me as a real learning experience because despite having contributed to some other publications before, it was my very first time facing an editor and having to deal with proper requests and conditions…
Right now, the magazine is about to brake out in print as a creative guide, something else from a magazine which in my mind goes much closer to an art book.
Because art it's what inspires the concept of Reykjavik Boulevard, strictly linked with life to the point when they become one single thing.
It's a must and not just must see: must read.

The most recent I started writing interviews for is Flawless Magazine

Despite being Irish based, the magazine is well known in many other parts of the world including Germany, Russia and the USA.
It's a fashion magazine, more: it's a fashion fairytale with incredibly high standards in the images published and the people interviewed among whom you could find some of the biggest names of the fashion industries such as photographers, designers and models.
Flawless aims to be print as well, which makes me reflect a lot about the big deal of the online journalism which is supposed to take one run the new ten years: so why does everyone still wants to be printed?
Well, I suppose because seeing these kind of images on a screen takes away a bit from them.
Flawless is the kind of magazine that a fashion design student would rip apart to fill their work book, the kind of magazine that you want to have in your hands, stick the photographs on the wall or simply save it in your library forever and look at it again in some years and remember how avant grade, how beautiful fashion was at this time.
Let me tell you, if it will become printed (which it probably will due to the determination of Samson, the editor who is still going on with this project after so many years and so many obstacles), I will definitely stop buying many of the fashion magazines I am currently purchasing on a regular base...

and also another very special one, to keep in touch with I am obliged to practise my French as it's based in Paris.

It's called TTT Magazine and it's very cool because despite not being very open to submissions from free lances as they have a very well fitted team guided by editor Gael Savary, they accepted to publish some of the editorials I've sent them.
For example, take a look at page 49 of the issue linked here:

The Trendy Team is very interesting for me because it represents something very different from 
what I have been looking at for the past two years, living in Ireland.
In fact, because of my dream of working in a fashion magazine, I am a fashion-magazine-buyer and living in Dublin I usually get to see mostly British fashion magazines.
I personally love them and I think that Vogue UK is the most inspiring one for me at the moment..
But I sometimes forget about how particular British fashion is compared with other countries which are famous for their designers and for having some of the fashion capitals of the world such as Italy or France.
If British fashion is very avant grade and forward and inspiring, the Italian fashion for example is much more connected with its long tradition of elegance and sobriety, still focused on consistent statements made from each designer in their new collection.
What about French fashion?
Well, that has always been the most difficult for me to define, but I guess you could go very close by looking at TTT.
It's just so French: a little androgynous, a little bohemian, very elegant, not too crazy but very very cool.
French fashion has a particular feeling about it, which is almost the same that French women have about them.
You cannot really define them and the way they look and why they look so good by they do.
I hope you'll find your way among my mind games and pretty confused explanations but I am sure that having a look at these three magazines will eventually help you!

Which one is your favourite?
What do you think of them?

I am very curious to know your opinion and your reflections on the different styles and visual choices they make, 
the three editors: Niccolo' Scelfo (Reykjavik Boulevard), Samson Ogunshe (Flawless Mag) e Gael are incredibly talented and passionate about what they do.
That's the main reason why I am so happy and excited of being able to look close at the development of their projects from inside and contribute to them as well..

Enjoy the reading!

Stay tuned..

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