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Friday, 4 October 2013

Fashion Alumni

Buongiorno everyone!

I am writing from my beloved room in my mother's house in Italy!
I got here for the week end to spend some times with my beloved ones and to attend a festival in Ferrara launched by a very important magazine in Italy called Internazionale.
We will have two days of free conferences and work shops with some of the most known journalists in the country, which is pretty cool!
And all for free, which makes it appealing for students as well...

Some friends and I are going to get to Ferrara tomorrow and then I'll get back to you with more news, but today I wan to share with you something else I've discovered recently.
This is particularly directed to my readers and followers in Dublin.

Have you ever wished to know more about the fashion world?
How to manage a fashion brand?
Fashion production ad creation?
Lectures of style?

Well, if your answer to at least one of these questions is yes, then you absolutely should check out the new Fashion School just started by lovely Erika in the Design Centre of Powers Court in the heart of Dublin town.

The school is going to provide a wide range of classes hosted by relevant personalities in the business and its doors are going to be opened for anyone who'd be interested.
For example, the last planned lecture is going to be hold by stylist Tanya Grimson, who is going to share her industry style secrets & merchandise last night.

Next week, Erika Harris is going to teach how to design a capsule collection and each student is going to be provided stunning fashion boards at the end of the six weeks course and tips and secrets about how to build a career in fashion are going to be shared as well.

Sound great?
I definitely agree and I highly recommend to all the interested ones to book a place asap and in order to do so you'll just have to pop in the shop during opening hours (8am - 6pm) or phone 016795863 or 016795718.

This could be a great chance to know a lot about the Fashion world for all its lovers who have never had  one before, due to different choices, life and commitment.
Moreover, the environment it's absolutely stunning as the Fashion School it's inside of the very Design Centre and therefor you'll be surrounded by all the creations made by the ones who have already broken through the industry (some examples you are seeing in the snaps I'm posting here, which I took last Tuesday when I went to the Design Centre to collect some pieces for a shooting...) and because of that are the most inspiring ones.

I hope to see many of you in class!

Meanwhile, stay tuned!

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