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Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Couture Lady

And yet again it's Sunday!
Which means that it has been almost a week since I went back to Dublin.

Overall of the first 6 days in Ireland: believe it or not, I am already having a hard time reminding about everything I have done in these days, just because it's so much!
In the end, I always forget how much I love this city until I am back walking in these streets and hearing this music in Grafton street and breathing in the big spaces of the town...

I still love Dublin, which is great,
and I am super excited for this very last year of college (hopefully) which seems to be so promising, and we haven't even started classes yet!

As you may guess if you know me a bit or in you have been reading my baby blog here, I already have so many ideas and plans I'm working at...
Of course, everything will be reported here as usual.

But apart from the new shootings, shows, documentaries, movies, concerts, coming up,
for sure one of the things I love the most about coming back to Ireland is meeting all my friends over here and the people I truly love...
It's crazy how different it is now, from the first time I got here, when I didn't know anybody and everything was new and unknown...
Now I know where to go to find a face which makes me happy, both if it's a gym or a shop or a cafe...

Talking about shops, today I'm going to show you some pics of a pretty special one that you absolutely have to check out (f you haven't yet...) and which is owned by my dear Louise!
For sure you'll remember about her as I've been following her walk to the top of the Irish Fashion world from the very beginning.

One year ago, at this time, Loud didn't even have her first collection made, 
but after the first photo shoot she did last October, everything has changed.

And now here she is: owner of a shop in Powers Court, in the heart of Dublin city, inside of which she doesn't only showcase and sell her own collection, but also gives to other designers the possibility to have a space where to showcase their own pieces of design.

Irish Couture, this is the name of the shop, is not only a place where to find beautiful pieces of fashion design, 

beautifully refined and made with the nicest materials (omg, that cachemire for the new coloured sweaters Lou has made: gnam!) 

but aims to be a melting pot for Irish fashion designers and upcoming talents.

Doing so, Lou stimulates and encourages the locals to put out their talent and show it to the world and that's probably why she is having so much success.

People always think that the fashion world is made of sharks, which is actually true, but if someone acts in a generous and communitarian way everybody appreciates that.

Let me tell you, all the effort Lou has made in the past year to get on track with her business and also give something more that that to the fashion world is being repaid.

(Lou and I in her shop Irish Couture, on the 2nd level in Powers Court)

Good karma comes around and guess what?
She is also a bride-to-be!
Just saying...

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