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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

That Irish Runway

Hello everyone!

As I told you in the last post, the updates from my French trip are still not finished, which makes me really question my photographic obsession for how many pictures I've been taking while travelling around...

But today I want to give you a brake from all this moving from a place to another and remain local sharing with you another kind of photographs: the ones I've been taking at the fashion show I went to last Saturday night.

I was invited by my friend Louise who you know very well and whose designs were going down the runway among a great crew of Irish designers.
The show which took part in the Chester Beatty Library in the Castle of Dublin was a real celebration of Irish Fashion and the industry in this country.

When we got there, after having a drink which aimed to imitate the Italian Aperol spritz but didn't actually accomplish that, 

we went to the make up by Make Up For Ever (which had done the make ups for the show) stand where Lou got super red lips and I had a bit of fun taking pictures of her: the light around the Hollywood type of stand with bulb lightning was just fantastic...

The minute the make up artist finished to give Lou her red lips, the beginning of the show was announced and we took place in the very first raw: the position was just amazing, right in front of one of the stops that the models were doing while cat walking.

There were many designers and some hat couturiers such as Claire Garvey 

Virginie Villette, Luke Lovely, Helen Steele, John Shevlin, Jennifer Rothwell, Claire O'Connor,

I also loved some of the hast makers, who had very different styles but each one of them shined for refining and originality...

And then of course there was Lou, out there with her Irish Couture and showcasing both some pieces from the Raw Art Chic collection such as her gorgeous silk shirts, but also some new designs from her Louise Rawlins which she made for this F/W and which are now available in the boutique Irish Couture in Powers Court.

I must say, I found this to be a very heterogeneous show...
Some things I liked, some I really didn't, some were quite average, some other positively inspired me.

In general, I think the most appreciable thing was the concept of it: showing the skills and different styles of various Irish designers, and by doing that making everyone aware how how much potential the fashion industry has in this country...

In general, there is still the feeling that if you want to go big you'll have to go somewhere else... that's what we have been talking about at the champagne reception after the show as Louise is leaving for Paris for a working trip very soon.
But the enthusiasm that the people who work in the fashion industry in Ireland, especially in Dublin, and the passion they put in everything they do make me think that there is a chance that Dublin one day will be among the international fashion capitals of the world...

To see that potential, you just have to walk around town in an average day and have a look at  what the people around you are wearing: style is everywhere here.

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