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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sands from another planet...

Bonjour again everyone!

Here I am, writing from my room in campus which this year it's much smaller but which I somehow managed to make mine.
Outside it's raining (how not...) and the temperature has suddenly dropped making me feel like this blessed summer in Ireland is now definitely over: let's welcome the Autumn with all its positive and negative aspects, among which the beginning of classes...

But because we are all going to miss the summer so much, like it happens to me every year, despite the excitement of putting real clothes on me and not just shorts and thank tops, I want to warm up your heart by sharing with you the second update third (and not last...) update from my French trip!

Looking at these photos now and then outside of the window it seems like I was on another planet...
But that's exactly how I felt over there.
Let's start from the beginning!
In fact, after spending some lovely days in beautiful Bordeaux and the South West of France, my friend Nico and I got in the car and after a very slow and messy start as we had something to fix in the car (don't forget we are both blonde...which make it ever harder when it comes down to ANY kind of technical stuff...) we began our road trip, which brought us to Arcachon

gorgeous city in the South West that reminded me about Cote d'Azur for the prettiness and poshness of everything and everyone around there (and the prices too I must say...), 

and ultimately to Pays Basque, the final stop of my French Trip.

But before that we stopped somewhere my friend told me I absolutely had to go.
"It's a huge sandy dune" he said,
which made it look not so appealing to me, but when he saw my not-so-excited face he blinked and say "You'll see, it's huge".
Well, it is actually huge.
More than you'd expect,
more than I'd expect and than anyone would expect.
There's a stair to go up, which is going be higher and higher every year as the dune grows every season about 2cm.
The Dune de Pilat it's a very strange location.
I must say, I've been thinking so much about how to describe it but I knew I would have had a hard time doing it.
It's a dune, a dune made of very think white sand in the middle of a landscape that goes from a wood directly into the ocean.

All right let's see:
Imagine a wood that end in a beach.
After the beach, of course there's the Atlantic Ocean.
Now, imagine that beach starting to grow and grow until it gets 100m high.
Here you go: that's it!
Sounds crazy?
I promise you I just had orange juice this morning, to tequila for breakfast.
Also, I am completely honest.

Hard to believe that in the middle of a French very normal landscape there would be this incredibly huge sandy dune that someone uses as a beach because it actually is a very tall very warm beach?
Well, as usual I am just going to let the pictures speak for myself.
They are much more effective than words.

The only thing I can try to communicate is the feeling of total surrealism that I felt while walking on the dune.
You don't see the end because the sun and the sand trick your eyes.
You feel the sand under your feet at it gets warmer and warmer.

You see green trees on one side, the Ocean on the other.

Sometimes a bit of wind refreshes you and that reminds you that no, you are not in the desert, neither on Mars.
But even if your reason knows that, if you were listening to your heart you'd be positive you are on another planet...

That's what I asked Nico while walking with him on the dune and running up and down like kids: are we still in France?

I feel so blessed for everything i got to see this summer...
Some of the most beautiful places I will ever be I know that, and being there with people I love was also a highlight that means I will never forget these moments...

After our surreal morning on the dune,
before proceeding trough Arcachon and Pays Basque, Nico and I stopped in his grandfather's house, a gorgeous very French house where his lovely step mother offered us drink and Italian coffee.

It would have been great to sunbathe a bit after all that desert warm, but we really didn't have the time as we had to make it to Bayonne in time to join our friends for dinner.

Anyway, we managed to stop for a drink at La Coorniche, very very elegant restaurant on the sea where we sat down and talked about our lives and some great memories we share...

The place was just fantastic and I would love to come back there for a proper dinner: perfect place for the most romantic date ever!

At the end of the day, when the sun was going down, we sat again in the car and singing and dancing the same three songs that kept on popping up on the radio we finally got to Anglet where Pauline and her brother welcomed us with a nice shower and a tapas dinner...

But that's another story...

Stay tuned everybody!

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