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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Revealing UNRAVEL

Bonjour a tout le monde!!!

Here I am again after ages away from my last post.
The reason which kept me away from my creature and from you for so long it's a quite long, very intense, unforgettable and amazing French trip about which I am gonna post very soon.

It finished two days ago and after 24 very fast and lovely hours at home which have been made the sweetest from someone who was waiting for me, here in am in Dublin!
Oh yes everybody, I am back to my beloved city and I cannot wait to get started with everything again from college to work to shooting and learn, play, share with you!

But before the updates on my trip and before to start with the new, I have something super special to show you today.

I'm going to tell you something about UNRAVEL 19022010: it's a brand created by two youg and talented designers from Vicenza, my small town.
They are  Giuseppe Fanelli and Margherita Brazzale and before deciding to put together something new and a little special they have been working with big firms such as Alberta Ferretti and Antonio Marras, inside and outside Italy.

Unravel wants to be the encounter of everything with its exact opposite.
You can take one of their pieces from the closet and wear it in many different ways, without thinking too much about the structure, which of course is still there despite the versatility of these designs.

The key of its is the semplicity and the goal is to create easy to wear which has something different and which carries all the passion that brought this pair of talents to create it.
Passion which we can see in the use of strong details such as the color red and the contrast between materials such as jersey, crepe de tulle and silk.

Their designs are also the result of their research and studies on the human body, which they want to let free and to make feel comfortable without any constriction coming from the clothes we wear.

Well, now that you know something about them (you'll find more on the Vogue Italia website where they have been dedicated a spread in the section of the new talents:, let's take a look of the photoshoot we have done with some pieces from their last collection.

The location was the beautiful Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza, my home town in Italy.
With the help of the amazing photographer Luciano Doria who I cannot wait to work again with and whose skills you'll be able to see yourself in his website:  and with the fundamental participation of gorgeous Anna Melison, upcoming top model whose interpretation of Unravel couldn't have been more effective, we did something great.

I am super proud of our work this time, it was a hard day, running around and styling and changing make up and hair and carrying bags all around the main square, but the Prosecco glass we had at the end of the shooting was more than deserved.

So here we go: the official shooting.
Enjoy and let me know what you think of these upcoming talents I am so proud to be working with!

Hat: Vintage
Shoes: Zara Woman
Gloves: Cadmen Town Market, London

Shoes: Zara Woman
Glasses: Persol

Bracialets: Anna Irene Ward, S/S 2013

Tailleur: UNRAVEL
Shoes: Zara Woman



Editor, Concept, Stylist: CARLOTTA BUOSI

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