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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Les snapshots Francaises!

Here's a little preview of what went on en France in the past two weeks!

It was indeed an amazing trip during which I've lived some of the best moment ever and which I will never forget.
It was the perfect end of a pretty amazing summer...


The house party chez Pene

Going around the city and getting somewhere I had never been...

Meeting someone a little special who to talk in Italian with

Eating in a Bistro

Bringing le petit chat on a field trip! (He is such a spoiled kitten...)

La tour!

Une soiree chez Antoine in Montparnasse


Reunited with one of the people I love the most in the world

Going out with his friends who happen to be just as amazing as he is... crazy night!

Swimming in the pool chez les parents

Eating and drinking out lovely food and wine


Spending a very relaxing afternoon chez Erika

The amazing bbq in the beach, what a fire!

Pau pau's graduation in Biarritz... amazing ceremony, amazing location, amazing girl: so proud of her!

More updates to come!
Stay tuned!

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