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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Falling for Bdx...

Good morning everyone!

Here is the second update from my French trip!

Must say, even if during my childhood and then my teen age I've been travelling a lot around France, with my parents and by myself for studying holidays, I cannot believe that this was my very first time in the South West of the country.

It is so incredibly beautiful that if I knew that I would have listed it among my must-go destinations..
I fell in love with it.

It's somewhere where time and space doesn't exist and where everything seems like coming out of a movie or some sort of idyllic scenario but yet absolutely real and genuine.

Especially in Bordeaux, city which is also UNESCO patrimony, everything seems to be made to look beautiful.
The skyline over the buildings that carry that very special features of French architecture that you'd be able to find in the most beautiful parts of Paris too but which here are everywhere.

The monuments like the Theatre and the Cathedral which are testifying the love of the people for the beautiful things in life such as attending a play or sitting in a gorgeous square and drinking a glass of wine.
Wine which is an authority here.
People from Bdx drink wine from Bdx, as they themselves like to say, but they are also extremely open to try new things and experience, share their knowledge and the beautiful things of their town.
They are Mediterranean and that's probably the first time in France that I feel so close to the people and so similar to them.
They are people from the South and being Italy the South of Europe I really felt like we were sharing the same irony and like it was so easy for me to get along with them.

Probably it depends on the fact that I was hosted by someone I love so much and whose friends are some of the most interesting and lovely people I've ever met... 

My days in Bdx were just amazing, 
I felt the relaxed atmosphere being all around me and everything I've seen, drank, ate was the perfect fulfillment of the time I was spending there.

One word to describe it and describe the South of France:

What could be better than that for an esthete like me?

This is just the first bit of South West of France I want to share with you, I hope you'll enjoy my views of Bordeaux!

Enjoy the week end my dear ones and stay tuned!

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