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Friday, 13 September 2013

48h a Paris

Bonjour everyone!

If you read the latest posts, especially the huge special edition of the snapshots of the week, you'd guess that I recently had a trip in one of the most beautiful European countries: France.
Oh yes, I was there for about 10 days two weeks ago and I had the greatest time.
The main reason I went over was to attend the graduation of my lovely girl Pauline who was my room mate in Dublin during first year and with whom I am still in touch...
But when planning my trip to Pays Basque where the graduation would have taken place I thought: why not taking this chance to go not only to Bayonne but everywhere around the country to visit the people I love?

Thought so, I booked four flights instead of one and packing my very (very) little hand baggage I got ready for a tour the force which started in Paris where I've spent 48h with my friends there, meeting some pretty amazing people and gong from one lovely flat to another...

I am telling you, it's gonna take quite a lot of time for me to properly update you on this trip: it was really special.
But let's start with some Paris today!
Hope you'll like the first etape of our tour francais! 

Stay tuned! 
Or maybe I should say: restez a l'ecoute! 

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