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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The wind, the sun and the sea...

Here you are my dear ones!

Again, I've been away from my beloved blog for a while but just to come back to you enriched from some new things I've seen and learned in the past days.
I must confess: I've been away again, this time to the South of Italy for a holiday with some of the people I love the most in the entire world, first among them my sister Arianna.

We've spent a very intense week in Puglia, the heel of Italy, whose best part is definitely the so called Salento, which is the bottom of it and where you can find some of the most beautiful seaside places and country side spots of the country.

The Mediterranean vegetation grows spontaneously giving olives, rockets and basil that looks like salad  and which is to be found at a side of the street in any country walk (that lowers the groceries budget quite a lot...),

the rocks and beaches are all so beautiful and, most of them, savages that every time you climb down a cliff or swim in the light blue sea until one of the caverns that point the coast it seems like you were the only person there.

It's very easy to feel the contact with the nature there,
because of the elements that explode around you: the heart which smells so good, the sea that moves and curls under the push of the wind, the air that blows all the time, the fire that comes from the sun, so warm so good.

It's a very beautiful place and despite being quite full of party places and feasts where to go and have fun on holiday,

 the aspects of that place that I enjoy the most every time I go there are the ones I've been telling you about: being somewhere where the man is not yet fully in control of the nature, he takes advantage of it but the nature itself is still able to surprise him at any point, and he knows that.

I think that people coming from this part of our country are quite easily recognizable.
Not only because of their colors: dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, but also because of their attitude and way of living: 

everything is chilled and worrying is not an option as even if you had the most horrible day ever in your life, you just have to take off your clothes and jump in the fresh sea or pick up some figs from one of the endless trees all around and eat it to feel how sweet it is, how sweet life is after all...

Anyway, here you have some snaps of my holiday, I hope they'll be enough to give you an idea of what I'm talking about, or maybe even enough to inspire you choosing Salento for your next holiday.
Highly recommended!

Right now I'm going to stay at home for some days before leaving for France at the end of August and I have so many projects in my mind to be completed...
So if you are even just a bit curious about them: stay tuned!

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