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Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Dear my dearest followers,

Today I feel like telling you a funny story about one of my nights this summer.
It was about a month ago and I was in Padua, sitting down in one of the main squares with two friends of mine who I've met not so long ago but who have definitely charmed me since the beginning.
We were having apero before a concert and we started talking about us, my blog, writing, life, interests, love and more...
I suddenly realised that until now I haven't found a way to really involve my readers in this baby blog of mine...
You read, sometimes you comment, you (hopefully) enjoy what you see, but I found out that I wanted something which would have gave me the opportunity to, first of all, communicate to you and for you to communicate with me 
but also to give you something more than pictures and advices about travels and exhibitions...

That's when we all thought: why don't we give other advices?
Why don't we give love advices?
Everyone knows that Italian men have that extra something which makes them special...
I don't actually know what it is, but it seems like they were made in a different way from all the other cultures I've got the chance to know until now.
Sometimes they look like the biggest jackass but they actually are pretty sensitive.
And most of all, they are so good at giving advices to their friends, especially girls.
There's nothing to say about it: about love they know.
It happened so many times to me, while having love troubles or feeling confused to ask advices to my male Italian friends: I must say, every time I've done that I've felt great afterwords.

They are both 25 years old, purely Italians, honest, some of them are cynical, some of them are sweet, some like to see the positive 
aspects so other ones see more negative and therefor give you a slap of reality which is, despite what your girl friends say, exactly what you need!

So here we are:
in this blog, every months, we will talk to all of you who are on the edge of an heart breakdown, taking a brake from our cultural interests and cool stuff to have a chat on what's in our chest instead of our brains... but still using both of them as we like to do.
Here they are, ready to answer to all your letters!
So write, write and write, don't be scared to share your feelings and love troubles with us!
Sex, relationships, doubts, we but most of all they are ready for everything, nothing scares them and of course nothing embarrass them: of course, they are Italian!

Welcome your love doctors, they are the ones who will take you through this

Curious, cinema addict, he likes a real book more than a screen shot.
Travel lover, he has set quite a lot of 'flags' all over Europe and that's why he is ready to answer your world wide questions and share his own experiences about both sexes' behaviour in many many different places, different ways, different languages...
His anecdotes are sometimes real pears of wiseness, maybe if you ask him he is going to share some of them with you!
He is also the sensitive one: he is gonna try to find some positive aspects where his colleague sees all negative and gives you some hope, but a real one!
He is still a man and therefor not genetically programmed to give false hope in love affairs...

Young talented office worker,
DJ as hobby but maybe not just an hobby,
music lover.
He is dry as the desert, he has not a lot of tact when it comes down to relationships and love affairs but hey: what's better than a clear and honest answer when you feel like having a hive of feeling inside of your head and two thick slices of ham over your eyes?
If you don't understand what's going on, he is your man.
He is going to make your mind clear and even if your heart might feel beaten up for a while, with the word of his colleague on the other side you'll have a complete scheme and you will for sure start to feel relieved!

That's of course the main aim of this column...


Waiting impatiently for your letters!
Stay tuned!

Love you all...

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