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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Set up the RADAR

Ciao guys!

So, being at home in my little lovely Italian town these days I am realising how much of a wrong idea I had of life here...
In fact, I confess, while living here before moving to Dublin two years ago I used to complain quite a lot about how boring the life here was as there's not a lot to do...
Must say, I still wouldn't live here all the time, but it's not completely right to say that life here's totally boring.

I recently understood how it's key to get informed about what's going on around town, but also in the towns close to ours and in the end there is something happening all the time.
Especially in the summer, which gives me the ideal chance to take advantage of it as summer it's the only occasion when I get to spend quite a lot of time here...

For example, some days ago this friend of mine who is really passionate about music and also a bit of an hipster proposed me to go to this music festival in Padova.
The festival is a kind of alternative event which I thought was not well known at all, but which turned out to be very cool.

M friends Marco, Simone (who you are going to hear about very soon as we decided to start a project together here in my baby blog...) and  I went there yesterday night, on a Tuesday and despite the fact that it was the beginning of the week and you had to pay a ticket to get in, there were a lot of people.
The music played in the festival which is called RADAR is a big mash up from rock to drum 'n base to djs playing their own stuff so you could take a look at the artists planned for the night and decide where to go.

That's exactly what we did, as we went there after a long aperitivo in the centre of Padova which I really like and we headed to the festival which took place across the ancient walls of the city at about 10pm.
The music as I said was cool, but most of all I absolutely loved the atmosphere in that place.

A field with a stage on it, close to the walls of the town.

Some beach seats and wood tables where to have a rest and a chat.

Tents where to buy drinks and food.

Nothing more than that, but the people there!

Living in Dublin I got used to be surrounded by incredible looks and people having an alternative feeling about them without being afraid of showing it.
A detail of their outfit, a hair color, something they turned into something else and then worn it...

That for me was a strange thing at the beginning, as I was used to a very classy and snobbish town where everyone looks pretty much the same and dare means wearing a skirt that is a little too short or dye your hair of a little lighter shade of blond...
But around my town in places like Bassano and Padova alternative people exist and I must say: they rock!

They have the look, mixing the Italian sense of style with their alternativeness, the result is extremely cool even when it's supposed to be a bit trashy.
I was so tempted to make a little book of street fashion looks and that's why I kept on photographing them which gave me the chance to meet and speak with so many interesting people...

In the end, I was so glad I decided to go even if it was something totally random on a Tuesday night!
Seems like it's possible to go out, have great fun and meet pretty awesome people in the middle of the week...
...not only in Dublin.

For more about the fashion and more and more...

Stay tuned!

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