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Monday, 8 July 2013

I'm starting up...

Hello my dearest...

Today's post title could confuse many of you, it's not about something I'm starting to do or anything like that.
Actually, it's being a period full of new things I am starting...
Starting to think (sometimes a bad idea)
starting to plan (always exciting)
starting to be waiting for (often able to keep me smiling all day long)

BUT this is not the time to talk about that.
In fact, even if I am starting, today I'm going to share with you something that I had started this week end.

It all started (I am not going to use that work anymore in this post I swear) last week when my friend Anna proposed me to go together to this great event which was featuring art and photographic exhibitions, two big parties and an after party between the two and which, incredible but true, was taking place in the heart of our beautiful little town: Vicenza.

The even is called Start (ok just one more) Up and it's apparently becoming a kind of trend all over the world.
Oh yessss, someone who must be very much in love with Vicenza decided that it had to be the place where to organise it in Italy...
Some of our friends were PRing for it, some other took it as a chance to celebrate their bday by buying a table in the middle of the open air party which took place in the back of our beautiful Palladian Basilica in the main square both of the days.

But let's start from the beginning:
My friend Alice and I went on the second day of the Start Up, Saturday.

First of all, we took a look at the exhibitions in the afternoon.

They were, let's say, very much gathered in a quite small place and the artists were not so many...
But in the end we had fun trying to spot the art pieces which were hiding in the inside structure of the Basilica where the exhibits had been set up.

There were paintings, installations and photographs and the main artists were Nico Angiuli and Serena Vestrucci.

After the exhibit we had time to go for aperitivo, eat something and then come back inside for the party.
Must say, it was very cool, as the music was very different from the usual commercial stuff you would hear in whatever club in Italy.
It was much more the kind of electro-cool London-style music which you would struggle to fine even in Dublin but which I happen to love as I know some very cool places where they play it in London and Paris...
It's not always the best to dance and get crazy but if you had a couple of drinks and are in good company (we so were!) then it's absolutely great!

What made it, of course, was the location, as the DJ set was at the top of the back staircase of the Basilica and on the beautiful architecture they also projected a video with some historical references (the bombing during the II World War which damaged the structure) but also random stuff and of course music going with it.

The video is apparently the main feature of the Start Up Festival, as it's always set in some beautiful and alternative location where it would be good to project it and that's why I feel so proud that they'd decided to do it in Vicenza.

I mean... it's so beautiful, and I must admit that after two years living abroad I am not beginning to really appreciate the beauty of my home town.
But still: we are in Italy do you guys have an idea of the amount of amaze ball places we have in this country?
All so different but absolutely stunning that it must have been very hard to choose one.
And they opted for little Vicenza...

How happy that makes me, and even in the ticket to go was quite expensive, I absolutely don't regret going there at all: it was something that every single young person in Vicenza should have taken part to, and that's why I hope that the ones who haven't this year will change their minds in time for the next Start Up which is going to be in Vicenza again next July...
Cannot wait already!

And you all, that might be a nice chance to take a look over here, 
sure you won't regret that...

Meanwhile...stay tuned! 

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