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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Could you read me that coffee?

Good morning everybody!

Here I am today, finally showing you some of the shots I've taken during my trip to Turkey.
You must know that especially when I travel, I love to take pictures with my analogical camera, a Nikon F 801 with a 35mm lens.
I absolutely adore it because of the quality of the photos when developed or digitalised...

(View of Izmir from the tower of Ascenzir)

The only little issue is that it usually ends up costing me a fortune because even if being using a film I select the photos which deserve to be taken more than when using a digital camera, there's usually so much to see and remember when I find myself in a new place all to discover that I keep on changing films and buying films.

(Turkish coffee)

But in Turkey that was not even a problem as running out of films and having to buy some new ones there I've found out that they are on sold for 5 Turkish Liras: basically less than half of the price I buy them for at home or in Ireland!

That's why I ended up taking so many pictures...
I will try to show you some of the most significant ones.

Let's go on in a chronological order:
the first day we where in Turkey, after a long long party night the day we got there, we decided to go to the beach and relax.

We followed my friend Alice's flat mate and lovely Turkish girl Sevy who brought us to Cesme: an amazing beach place and a lovely small village on the coast, less than one hour away from the city of Izmir.

We didn't go to the beach tho, but to this amazing beach club called Cafe Pi which is just some sort of Turkish paradise where to relax during the day, ling on one of the big couches on a huge pillow under the sun and  which becomes a party place at night...

(Cafe Pi, Cesme)

We travelled quite a lot around Izmir city, but we also explored the town which is so much bigger than I expected it to be.


Doing so, we ended up in the middle of the protest.

(The protest in Izmir)

I guess every ones of you are aware of what is going on there atm.
We knew it as well when we decided to go and we were expecting this eventuality of getting to see some kind of manifestation.

(The wall of letters and sentences about the protest which replaces what used to be the Starbucks of Izimir, destroyed by the protesters after it closed up its doors and didn't allow the people who were being gassed by the police to refuge inside; this during one of the strongest protests in the city some weeks ago) 

They were pacific and I must say the only thing that really impressed me was the strength expressed by all these people gathering together and bumping pans and spoons to make noise and make themselves being heard from every one and from the ones who are pretending not to hear.

As I said, we travelled quite a lot and probably the two most beautiful places we have been were Ephesus, the best archaeological site in Turkey, perfectly preserved and awesome...


And Pamukkale, a mount made of limestone with natural pools filled with water and melt where to sun bathe and have melt baths...

All in front of a fantastic view and walking on the water which flows all over the mountain.

(An enchanted place: Pamukkale)

Well, this is a very small resume of what we did,
I'd have so many more pictures to show you, and maybe I will...

For now, let me know your impressions and ask me all the questions you feel like asking!

I a few words: stay tuned!


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